ECG – 9620L PDF

CONTENTS. Service Manual ECG C Contents The CE mark is applied only to the ECGL/M/N Electrocardiograph. This equipment complies. Service Manual ECG Composition. · To order a replacement assembly above, use the Code No. · To order a replacement component inside an. View Homework Help – Nihon_Koden_Cardiofax_ECG_-_Repair_manual from BA at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. ECGL.

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Also, never use a styrene foam or plastic bag which generates static electricity to wrap the board or unit of the instrument. Specified 3-prong power cord and ground lead are used. To make the check jig, use the two 3.

China replace battery mp3 China mah battery China replacement battery for bosch. Earth leakage current check? When the cardiograph operates on battery power and large leakage current is input from the connected external instrument, ground the cardiograph or use an isolation transformer for the external instrument.

10 Lead EKG Cable Connector Fit Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Banana 4 15pins Connector

Make sure that the recording paper is aligned with the lower recording paper guide. Service Manual ECG 1. No ECG waveform appears in a specific lead or 99620l appears on the waveform. Top view Motor Motor gear Gear meshed with motor gear 2. Recording paper is loaded.



The date and time is reset to January 1, Shipping costs must be pre-paid. The battery is fully charged.

CNJ connector on the key board. Disconnect the power cable from the power board. AC lamp lights when the AC power is supplied. Therefore, adjusting the thermal head fcg resolution is required to evenly print regardless of the thermal head resistor value.

Battery 12V 2Ah for ECG CARDIOFAX 1250-9620-9629 NIHON KOHDEN

Removing the Thermal Head Replace the power fuse with a new one. Avoid vibration and mechanical shock, even during transport.

Adjust the thermal head position. Defective products or parts must be returned to NKC or its authorized agents, along with an explanation of the failure. NKC will not recognize any other warranty, either implied or in writing. This is because service personnel need to understand the operation of the instrument in order to ecgg use the information in the service manual.


The automatic ECG analysis is performed for acquired ECG waveforms only and does not reflect all conditions of the patient. When servicing the instrument, wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from infection. When single memory test mode is selected, entire memory is tested once. Check and adjust the thermal head unit position.

10 Lead EKG Cable Connector Fit Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Banana 4 15pins Connector | eBay

Never use a battery pack which is damaged, discolored or has leakage. The instrument does not operate during battery power operation.

If necessary, adjust the electrode position so that clear ECG waveforms are displayed. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all leads by one. Error in memory area for local language. After the test, the instrument returns to the standby mode for entering the system test number.