Tagged: aviation, e6b, flight computer, flight training, flight training words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B. The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. ASA-E6B-CIRC . Your ASA E6-B Circular Flight Computer has two main parts: a circular slide . Your Approved Flight Manual lists fuel capacity in U.S. gallons.

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The A scale is the outer scale, while the B and C scale stick together on the inner disc. Read GS under Grommet. Things You’ll Need E-6B graphic flight computer.

Plus, the good old metal one will never get low on batteries. If the wind dot is to the right, the WCA is positive.

If you suspect it will take hours between legs, the method is the same except: The “B” simply meant it was the production model. And the batteries are still ticking, huh?

E6B Flight Computer Instructions – Gleim Aviation

I am going to use a Jeppesen E6B for this write-up. The procedure for determining fuel burn for a given leg is similar to finding leg time. One side is in nautical miles and the other side is in statute miles. Will add my thanks to the list. What descent rate will you need? Again watch order of magnitude and apply logic as necessary. On both the outer and inner scales you will notice that the number of tick marks, or graduations, vary between numbers.


How to Use a Graphic Flight Computer to Find Ground Speed and True Heading

I recommend using the manual E6B to calculate and then using an electronic version or computer flight planner to double check your work. Align the distance you traveled on Scale A with the time you traveled on either Scale B for minutes or Scale C for hours.

The rate pointer will point to your ground speed. If you pencil mark falls to the left of the centerline, subtract the value from your True Course to get your True Heading. How long will it take to fly nm at a groundspeed of kts? In he put a double-drift diagram on its reverse to create what the U. The center of the circle has a small hole that is used as a reference point. Your Cessna probably gained more than Follow the time directly across to Scale A computef get the distance traveled.

V gV a and V w are consistent units of speed. To determine the unknown wind speed and direction, you need to have the variables of groundspeed, TAS, true heading and true course.

This is a common operation that needs to be done to fill out a Nav log or during a diversion in the air. Did this article help you? Spin The Wheel In a time where calculators and computers can give us flgiht instant information, the manual E6B is still a staple in my flight bag.

  LS14500 SAFT PDF

On the backside of the E6B, you will notice a rotating dial and a metal slider.

How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer

Different pointers will give you fligght in different units or bases. I am a student pilot just learning the E6-B. A little common sense will let you interpret the result properly. Also, many computers have Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion charts and various reference tables. If it is to the left, the WCA is negative.

Read ground speed under the grommet.

Im sure over time, you will find the E6B to be faster can a calculator. Each one of these tktorial skill groups require a different technique to perform and can be practiced independent of each other. They are mostly used in flight trainingbecause these flight computers have been replaced with electronic planning tools or software and websites that make these calculations for the pilots. I still keep one in my flight bag, even with the airlines.

The nice thing about the mechanical E6B for these types of problems is that it does not have to be rotated again to calculate different legs if the ground speed is unchanged.