Summary: An epic novel of politics, religion, war and love that will leave you wanting to read everything Julia Golding is capable of writing. Chapter 1 The Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands had sixteen rituals to observe from the moment of waking to when she broke her fast. Dragonfly is a fun, lighthearted read about romance, religion, and cultural differences. In terms of plot, it’s not particularly special. It’s pretty.

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The side characters were also very well developed and flushed out, as well as generally like-able or detestable depending upon what you would expect them to be. I always find fantasy books that talk about a deity really folding because it’s hard to not imagine whatever the character does in response to their deity as a slight nudging for you to do the same with yours.

When the West versus East comparison was This A realistic one where each land has its own culture, religion, and so on. View all 9 comments. I don’t know why the book and I didn’t click at first, but now I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My latest series, which starts with Mel Foster and the Demon Butler, about an intrepid Victorian orphan who lives in a household of monsters, won Bronze in the Primary Teacher awards in There was a couple of sexual comments I modified as I read.

Now she is a good character all around but there were parts where I was just begging her to do something and she did something else.

Preview — Dragonfly by Julia Golding. The character development was great. I figured that by the end of the novel, Tashi would have learnt to open up ju,ia bit more, and Ramil would have learnt to hold back in certain situations.


Review | Dragonfly by Julia Golding – Short Story Long

That may seem weird, but it felt really short and I didn’t get suuuuuper attached to the characters or the outcome I mean, I wanted a good ending, but I wouldn’t have cried or anything if it were sad and I juloa that I had had more so that I could feel more passionately about this book, because I definitely think that the potential is there.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I was also chosen dragnofly Waterstone’s in as one of their ‘Twenty-five authors for the future’. Tashi is really very cute. You can read more book reviews or buy Dragonfly by Julia Golding at Amazon. Within a scene, she will switch cleanly between one point of view to another. After reading English at Cambridge, I decided to find out as much as I could about the wider world so joined the Foreign Office and served in Poland.

This book had an underlying messages of religious tolerance and cultural differences. It was so good! Um, sorry, but no.

Review | Dragonfly by Julia Golding

Should you read it? Ramil pretty much killed the book for me. This is definitely a recommendation. I want him to meet someone and for there to be a book about him.

Tasha, regarded everywhere as a witch though the Crescent people don’t do magic–there doesn’t seem to be any magic in this worldis treated badly and then thrown into a dungeon until she agrees to give up the goddess and worship the bloody god.

It seemed like quite a large plot hole. Like you know who’s supposed to be bad and who’s good except i think the third princess. They are too different. While I got into the book and wanted to know what happened to the characters, it was very predictable.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Not that this is a flaw per se – but it’s just that Tamora Pierce and Sherwood Smith tell similar types of stories but give the reader such a complete, three-dimensional experience that you’d swear their worlds really existed. Description Princess Taoshira is appalled when she is ordered to marry Prince Ramil ac Burinholt in order to unite their lands. After becoming the princess, her sixteen rituals include getting out of the bed on the right hand side, turning to the east to bow to the sun, submitting to have her hair groomed with forty strokes, and there’s more Golding 1.


Gerfal just seemed like some sort of Western nation-maybe Russia? It makes it more interesting. The romance is not porny Thank the lord and it’s not too awkward and slow either.

Dragonfly by Julia Golding | Scholastic

I myself have never read the book so I will neither agree nor disagree with this comparison. I felt that they had loads of chemistry, but that all fizzled out when they finally admitted their feelings and got together.

They need to be interesting as individuals and there needs to be a spark between them. They go on many unforgettable adventures together as well as going though near death experiences.

There were several things that were distracting with the writing. The blurb explains what the book is about pretty well so I’ll leave out an overview. Ggolding two, of course, get along like cats and dogs. May 30, Small Review rated it liked it Shelves: I just want to snuggle him!