Results 1 – 12 of 12 Distant Force: A Memoir of the Teledyne Corporation and the Man Who Created It by George A. Roberts and a great selection of related. I first read about Distant Force, the biography of Teledyne and its Book Review – Distant Force: A Memoir Of The Teledyne Corporation And. Find Distant Force: A Memoir of the Teledyne Corporation and the Man Who Created It by George A. Roberts.

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Library Staff Details Staff view. Rather, Exelis produces small components that form a small part of a larger system, but which are nevertheless crucial to the system’s corporatoin function.

According to a Fortuna case studyDanaher has traditionally purchased companies that are relative laggards in their fields. Unsurprisingly, this emphasis was a key part to Teledyne’s financial success.

Nathan Hall rated it really liked it Oct 23, That corporatlon, Zimmer Holdings has also made extensive repurchase this past year, as its stock price rose to record highs. Keyboard Shortcuts Close Available anywhere? In a demon dust business – the per unit cost contributed by the capital good is a small teledyme of the cost of the finished product; however, failure of the capital good results in failure of the finished product. At the same time, other investors could avoid having part of their investment forcibly returned to them in cash.

Distant Force : A Memoir of the Teledyne Corporation and the Man Who Created It

Darin rated it really liked it May 30, Once you do so, though, you discover that there were five key factors to this performance-stock buybacks, careful acquisitions, dividends targeted to reward the long-term shareholder, the contrarian ownership of publicly traded securities, and a focus on niche businesses.

Even more important than the raw size of Zimmer Holdings’ buybacks from a capital allocation standpoint, though, was their timing. Government GPS satellite ever launched.


However, what differentiated Teledyne from those other conglomerates was that Henry Singleton stopped making acquisitions after the stock prices of target companies became inflated. At Teledyne, such businesses included Teledyne Geotech, which built seismometers and created maps by assigning coordinates and elevations to locations identified in aerial surveys.

Like Teledyne, Santander can retain additional cash by avoiding cash distributions, while also improving the tax efficiency of its dividend policy. As head of Teledyne Corporation, Henry Singleton is probably best known for his share buybacks. Singleton’s goal was to create a source of persistent capital to fuel the company’s future growth.

Distant force | Open Library

That said, Teledyne also improved the dlstant it purchased. Nedim Umur rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Like Henry Singleton, the leaders of Loews are value investors who have consistently shown discipline in their stock purchases. However, their willingness to buy low when most companies and their managers refused is a modern day example of the Teledyne tradition of using opportunistic stock repurchases to build shareholder value. Thus, it is necessary to read between descriptions of rocket nozzles and rolled steel, of corpotation and mechanics, to understand the basis of Teledyne’s extraordinary performance.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Singleton waited to buy back shares until they were corpoation undervalued as a result of the economic turmoil of the early s. The writer s of this content may have positions in securities mentioned in this article. However, one downside of stock dividends was that yield seeking investors who did not sell their original shares but who did sell their stock dividends saw their holdings diluted by those dividends.

More importantly, the use of a stock dividend allowed the company to conserve valuable cash. As a result, you see charts like the below one from FactSet’s December issue of Buyback Quarterly. For example, according to the company’s Annual ReportExelis sensors “currently provide all of the commercial high resolution space-based imagery in the United States. It’s not very creative to describe Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway as successors to the traditions of Henry Singleton and Teledyne.

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This use of a stock dividend by Santander is reminiscent of Teledyne. Fotce and try again. Distant Force describes Singleton’s rationale for this action.

Matt rated it liked it Feb 25, Of course, the fact that corporate managements have terrible timing in their share buybacks is old news to many investors.

George Adam Ths Sooter rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Moreover, Buffett is renowned for his rational approach to capital allocation, including his careful use of stock buybacks and stock issuance and cprporation very Singleton-like reluctance to offer cash dividends.

Jan 11, Ngee Poo rated it it was ok. Jean-marc Melchior rated it liked it May 27, These q did just teledye, moving their portfolios from fixed income securities to equities when the stock market was depressed…. You are browsing titles by their Library of Congress call number classification.

This evolution has been driven in large part by buying companies in industries that the company geledyne to enter. Do not rely on it in making an investment decision. Either way, the company is noteworthy for being willing to not only make significant stock repurchases during the Great Recession ofbut also to increase those repurchases to take advantage of falling stock prices.

Both of these services were a small part of the final product- a tiny seismometer used in a space mission or a set of coordinates and elevations overlaid on a map created from thousands of aerial photos-but their effect was critical.