Explore Reginald Scot’s “The Discoverie of Witchcraft”, a book considered to be the first published on witchcraft, which fights against the. On such example is Reginald Scot (), who took the incredibly bold step to not only defend accused witches against the charges laid. THE DISCOVERIE v^. WITCHGRAFT. REGINALD SCOT, Esquire. BEING A REPRINT OF THE FIRST EDITION. PUBLISHED IN

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In the process, many of the magician’s secrets and much other folk and professional lore of the time is made available to the reader of today. The invention of a tradition”.

The introduction itself is quite bizarre: But whatsoever is reported or conceived of such maner of witchcrafts, I dare avow to be false and fabulous coosinage, dotage, and poisoning excepted neither eitchcraft there any mention made of these kind of witches in the Bible. This book is even considered to be a textbook on conjuring spirits.

There are four dedications: Basson, the first editor’s son, was printed at Leiden in A Charm taken out of the Primer. Tacitus saith, that they are a people disloiall to princes, deceiving them that beleeve them. How to Rap a Wag on the Knuckles. You shall read in the legend, how in the night time Incubus came to a ladies bed side, and made hot loove unto hir: On a more serious note, Scot takes time to address the claims of those people who truly believe that they are witches and have supernatural powers.


The Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot () | Skulls in the Stars

It was reyinald by Montague Summersthe most knowledgeable scholar on the history of witchcraft of his time. To thrust a Dagger or Bodkin into your Guts very strangely, and to recover immediately. Doubtless at length some of hir neighbors die, or fall sicke; or some of their children are visited with diseases taht vex them strangelie: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

To transform or alter the Colour of ones Cap or Hat. For it teacheth to accomplish maters in such sort and oportunitie, as the common people thinketh the same to be miraculous; and to be compassed none other waie, but onelie by witchcraft.

For it sheweth the illusions of them, whose experiments be seene in diverse sorts of glasses; as in the hallowe, the plaine, the embossed, the columnarie, the pyarmidate or piked, the turbinall, the bounched, the round, the cornered, the xcot, the eversed, the massie, the regular, the irregular, the coloured and cleare glasses: Daemonologie was written in large part as an answer to Discoverieand on coming to office James ordered that all copies of The Discoverie of Witchcraft be burned, which was a rule that was fortunately not efficiently enforced.

Certeinlie, God indueth bodies with wonderfull graces, the perfect knowledge whereof man hath not reached unto: How to rap a wag on the Knuckles. At the end of the volume the printer gives his name as William Brome.

It is perhaps not surprising that a fanatic like Summers cannot comprehend such a creature.

This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: For the name of a witch is so odious, and hir power so feared among the common people, that if the honestest bodie living chance to be arraigned thereupon, she shall hardlie escape condemnation.


A Charm against Vinegar. The book also narrates stories reginlad strange phenomena in the context of religious convictions.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

You seem to be implying that he himself believed in witches and that reginale arguments were all a sham. To the Water say as followeth. Then shew the same to the beholders, willing them to remember it: March 17, at 8: In my experience, most people who believe in really weird things are also stunningly ignorant on the same topics.

To spoil a Thief, a Reginaod, or any other Enemy, and to be delivered from the evil. A Charm to be said each morning by a Witch fasting, or at least before she go abroad.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Dictionary of National Biography. Then being appeared, say these words following. Add to bookbag Search this text: The terror of hell fire must needs be to them diverslie manifested, and much more terrible; bicause of their weaknesse, nature, and kind, than to any od To cut half your Nose asunder, and to heal it again presently without any Salve. And if we were not such, I thinke with Cornelius Agrippathat these divinors, astrologers, conjurors, and cousenors would die for hunger.