DISA Form A. Share this: StumbleUpon · Digg · Reddit · Facebook · Facebook · Twitter · Print. No Responses Yet. Feed for this Entry Trackback Address. The objectives of the DISA Telework Program include the following: Plan and Appraisal form (DISA Form A) should include goals for the. The e-mail address for classified US Army DD Form applications is: [email protected] Common Errors: Electronic delivery of these applications.

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Requirements office generated documents acquisition plans, justifications and approvals, etc.

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Peer Reviews shall be conducted at the following decision points: S Peer Review Team Composition. Peer Reviews and the chartering of team members willbe addressed in the acquisition review board when one is required for the acquisition. Team members shall be identified and appointed prior to the final acquisition strategy or acquisition plan. The teams shall be multi-functional, based on experience and knowledge of the individual requirement and acquisition process, be able to address the quality of the requirement, plan for oversight and contracting issues, 280a, and procedures.

At a minimum, teams will be comprised of representatives from the Procurement Directorate PLDOffice of General Counsel OGCand technical representatives as appropriate for an individual acquisition.

Technical representatives may include personnel disz the logistics, engineering, or program management. Personnel directly involved in or with cognizant authority for the acquisition shall not be members of the peer review 2008a.

For contracting team members, members shall be selected, in order of descending preference as follows: All travel and TDY expenses shall be paid by the organization or directorate providing the team member. The use of collaborative communication tools, such as DCO, are encouraged where practicable to conduct a review. Team members are appointed at the inception of the peer review process and are expected to serve on the all peer review decision points for the acquisition, unless otherwise stated in the appointment letter or replaced by the appointing authority.

S Peer Review Procedures. PLD and CAE approval is only required at the beginning of the Peer Review process and is not required again for subsequent decision points. The members of the Peer Review team are appointed as follows: CAE will appoint the technical team member sPLD will appoint the contracting team member sand GC will appoint the general counsel team member s.

Requests for nominations of team members will be in accordance Attachment 6, Request for Nominee, located at https: Upon appointment, in accordance with Attachment 7, Appointment Letter, located at https: The Contracting Officer KO shall provide soft copy read-aheads of all required documentation to each peer review team member at least full business days in advance of the scheduled Peer Review meeting.

Documents should be 028a, not draft stages. The KO should refer to the applicable Peer Review checklists loacetd at https: This will facilitate an efficient Peer Review, improve the quality of the Peer Review reports, and avoid adding unnecessary procurement administrative lead time. S Peer Review Reports. Peer Review report shall be completed and distributed immediately after the conclusion of the review and is required to address the following areas at a minimum: S Distribution of Peer Review Reports.

Peer review reports shall be distributed to the following parties: KOs shall ensure that the peer review report and disposition of all peer review recommendations is documented are documented in the contract file prior to proceeding to dlsa next phase of the procurement.

If critical mission performance circumstances necessitate the request of a waiver from one or more of the peer reviews, the waiver request should be forwarded to the Head of the Contracting Activity HCA. Waiver requests shall be approved prior to proceeding with an action without a peer review. The format for providing proposed revisions is located at Appendix C.


The notice may be informal in format but must identify the DARS page, citation, and nature of error. Parts, subparts, sections, or subsections are supplemented by the addition of a number of 90 and up. Lower divisions are supplemented by the addition of a diaa of S and up. DARS provisions or clauses use a four digit sequential number in the series, e.


S Subparts will be enumerated using the numbering convention used by the FAR. Appendix A contains a listing of all current deskbooks.

If the deviation is for a classified program, the Senior Procurement Executive is the approval authority for individual deviations. S Requests for deviations that have a significant effect beyond the internal operating procedures of the agency or have a significant cost or administrative impact on contractors or offerors must be published for public comment in the Federal Register.

KOs shall only use these titles COR in their designation letters. All CORs shall possess the training and technical skills required to monitor and administer the specific, assigned duties. All training, risa designated as required, optional, alternative, or supplemental, must be identified to the DISA KO and approved by the supervisor before inclusion in an IDP. The DISA KO will review all completed initial training identified in the COR Nomination letter and provide the individual with a written notice of acceptability in the form of an electronic mail E-mail message.

Individuals are advised to keep the notice of acceptability as part of their Disq files. Supervisors of personnel nominated for or designated as DISA CORs will ensure discussion and support of mandatory, optional, alternative, and supplemental initial and annual refresher training requirements with applicable personnel and the appropriate DISA KO as part of the annual performance plan review and Individual Development Plan IDP preparation and approval.

Before designation and subsequently as required, the KO must receive and review copies of all certifications of all completed training. The following DISA mandatory, alternative or optional initial and annual refresher COR training requirements incorporate greater flexibility for satisfactory completion and certified qualification by DISA personnel.

A COR shall complete disq training based on the following type of requirements: Fixed-price requirements without incentives, low performance risk. Attributes of such requirements might include: Perform liaison duties between the KO, the Requiring Activity, and the contractor for management of the contract.

Inspect, accept, or reject deliverables during contract performance and at close-out in conformance with contract terms and conditions. Perform surveillance in a contingency environment, when applicable. Minimum of 6 Months Experience may be waived by the requiring activity.

Increased complexity from Level A requirements. Perform administrative monitoring and reporting duties e. Perform liaison duties between the KO and the contractor for management of the contract. Review and validate that contractor payment requests are commensurate with performance. Minimum of 12 Months Fomr may be waived by the requiring activity. Unique Contract Requirements that necessitate a professional license, higher education, or specialized training.

Unique contract requirements that necessitate a professional license, higher education or specialized training beyond the Type B ofrm. Increased complexity from Level B requirements. All CORs must complete appropriate annual refresher training to familiarize themselves with developments or changes in acquisition regulations, standards of ethical conduct, and best practices for effective contract management.

Minimum of 8 hours COR specific training: Minimum of 16 hours COR specific training: Supervisors are also encouraged to identify highly motivated individuals, with strong standards of ethical conduct, eisa a willingness to accept responsibility as potential COR candidates. If a military member is to be considered as a DISA COR, they are subject to the same qualification, training, certification, designation, and performance documentation requirements as their civilian counterparts, using appropriate military documentation formats for training records and performance review.


The authority to designate CORs shall not be further delegated. If anticipating a separate designation for each individual task order, the request for proposal for each individual task order must include the DFARS COR clause.

The KO should ensure that adequate COR oversight is available in relation to the contract size type and complexity. Task Monitor Designations issued prior to October 1, will remain in effect until the task order expires or until the Task Monitor is terminated. No new Task Monitor Designations will be issued after October 1, If anything regarding the assigned duties and responsibilities is unclear at the time of designation or dis, it is the COR’s responsibility to seek clarification from the KO.

The COR shall not sign the designation letter or assume their contract support functional responsibilities until they have completed all of the required initial training under this subpart. In the event of a reissued or updated designation letter, the Dixa shall not sign the designation letter until they have satisfactorily completed and documented the required annual refresher training.

Critical element 10 — COR. Demonstrates an appropriate understanding of Federal Government and DoD contracting and procurement policies, practices, and processes. Consistently complies with the duties, responsibilities, and limitations outlined in the COR designation letter. Keeps the contracting officer informed of progress and problems. The COR places the original designation letter with the signed and dated acknowledgements in the COR files, provides a copy to their supervisor, and retains a copy for their personal files.

During the mid-year review and the annual fofm evaluation of vorm assigned COR responsibilities, supervisors shall obtain performance review input from the appropriate DISAKO. If the KO determines dissa a COR is not performing in a satisfactory manner regarding contract administration, contract management or task order management, the KO may remove the COR, revoke their designation in writing, and request that the requirements office nominate a suitable replacement COR.

A non-Government employee shall not perform duties designated for COR performance nor shall disw non-Government employee help in the execution of COR duties.

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Notification must be far enough in advance to allow time for Lack of COR assistance without replacement may have a negative impact on contract management performance. COR duties are set forth in their designation letters. CORs do not have KO authority. This includes disputes with subcontractors, interpersonal conflict among contractor employees and suspected contractor employee misdeeds. If a COR exceeds their delegated authority, this may constitute an unauthorized commitment or cause a claim against the Government.

An unauthorized commitment is an agreement that is not binding on the Government solely because the representative who made it lacked the authority to enter into that agreement. It may just as easily be caused by non-action when action is required. An unauthorized commitment is fofm personal liability of the person who makes it, if and until the Government ratifies that action.

Disa Form A – PDF documents

Ratification is the approval of an unauthorized commitment by an official possessing the designated authority. Further information on unauthorized commitments and ratifications may be found at FAR 2208a. The tool can be found at https: PL22 will be conducting random audits to make sure the CORs registered in the tool are active and current.

Coordination of the ratification request shall flow from the individual that made the unauthorized commitment as follows: S Ratification packages shall be submitted within 15 business days after initial notification to the KO of the unauthorized commitment. S The ratification approving official reviews the ratification request package and approves or disapproves the ratification request.