common in stored bamboo; heated premises in temperate regions(2)(3); larvae also feed in drugs, spices, cacao, maize, rice, stored grain. The genus Dinoderus is characterised by: auger beetle – [Dinoderus brevis] Citation: Walker, K. () Ghoon borer (Dinoderus minutus). Dinoderus minutus (Fab.) is an important insect pest of dried bamboo and wooden materials. The pest seriously damages these commodities and makes them.

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Systema Entomologiae stens insectorum classes, ordines, genera, species, adiectis synonymis, locis, descriptionibus, et observationibus. There are several options for the control of D.

The elytra are covered with dense and small punctures and bristles, which are more obvious at the posterior of miuntus wings. An identification guide Bousquet Y. The incidence of borer ghoon attack on felled Bamboos – some investigations and observations. Bugguide is hosted by: To dateno literature concerning successful examples of biological control methods for the control of D. Practical Forestry Technology, 6: Zhejiang Forest Pests, 4: An oriental wood borer, Heterobostrychus aequalis Waterhouserecently established in Florida Coleoptera: Bambusa bambos giant thorny bamboo.

The traditional and simplest method is to immerse felled culms in water. Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station Report, Journal of Stored Products Research, 27 1: Adults The adult is elongate-columnar, approximately 2.


Tillus notatus preys on the larvae, pupae and adults. Chang Yuzhen; Xue XQ, Hawaiian Forestry and Agriculture, 24 4: These are mostly applied by soaking under normal temperatures, cold or heated conditions, or under high pressure Singh and Tewari, ; Nair et al. The factors responsible for its outbreak are still unclear, so no monitoring system is built at present.

Journal of the Indian Academy of Wood Science, 11 1: Flat list – collapsed Flat list – mknutus Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded Date – newest first Date – oldest first 10 comments per page 30 comments per page 50 comments per page 70 comments per page 90 comments per page Select your preferred way to display the comments and click ‘Save settings’ to activate your changes. Large quantities of culms are destroyed mlnutus year by insect borers, although the extent of loss has not yet been assessed.

Ghoon borer

Science for Conservation, No. Continuing to use www.

Plant Quarantine, 14 2: Laboratory evaluation of insecticides for the control of the bamboo borers, Dinoderus minutus and D. The females begin to deposit eggs individually, in tunnels mined by the adults in mid-April, and oviposition can last 4 months. Dinodrrus pests of quarantine importance to the Caribbean.

Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. Preliminary study on life cycle of Dinoderus minutus Fab.

Liu Yuan; Xu FM, A simple and cheap method of bamboo preservation. It has been detected and caught in many open ports Xie Sen et al. An illustrated identification key to four different species of adult Dinoderus Coleoptera: See ,inutus and Misra for information on the parasitism of D.


Bostrichidae: Dinoderus minutus

Bugguide is hosted by: After approximately 4 days, the newly developed adult beetles may fly away or may explore other parts of the same bamboo. Insect pest of bamboos and their control. There are many tiny punctures on the head, which is small and black. This method may only be effective in preventing damage from bostrychid beetles.

It is also reported as an occasional pest of dried stored products. Over 50 such insect species have been reported, and ghoon borers Dinoserus spp.

Dinoderus minutus

In storage yards, stacks with immature culms are the starting points for attack and the bamboo is often converted to dust. Studies of reasonable application of insecticide to control and cure the bamboo and bamboo wares damaged by Dinoderus minutus.

Journal of Subtropical Forestry Science and Technology, 3: The damaged part of the culm becomes powdery, and the powder is sifted from the beetle hole.