Digital tools are now part of most communities’ habitats. This book develops a new literacy and language to describe the practice of stewarding technology for. The general set of slides I’m using in my Technology Stewardship workshops in S . Africa, May (CSIR/Pretoria, University of Cape Town. 1 School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Finland. Wenger, E., White, N., and Smith, J.D. () Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities.

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We use cookies on this website, mainly to provide a secure browsing experience but also to collect statistics on how the website is used. It has been a while in coming! To ask other readers questions about Digital Habitats; Stewarding Technology for Communitiesplease sign up.

John adds long-term expe- rience with both technical and social elements of community support with CPsquare, the University of Colorado and other forums. Steve rated it really liked it Aug 22, I can never fully leave behind my passion for Technology Stewardship that came out of co-writing Digital Habitats.

It has some opportunities for discussion and interaction online, but postings from members seem to be mainly about what an informative and interesting presentation that last sessions was.

Digital not be adequately developed for readers with Habitats: Recently I finished a remarkably useful book: The authors deal success has been used in complexity think- with this theme in several ways. Limnu itself still feels a little buggy.


Personally, Haibtats ind the distributed fu- Diversity is an important concept in complex- ture chapter too cautious. Both participation and reification are necessary. A major challenge we run up against in this proliferation both of practices and tools is how to manage this. Curating Resources — mostly the same as sharing information, but with the added layer of tags, rating mechanisms, aggregation tools.

Point your browser to the original: Of course during our meetings everyone had to stare at the computer including me, but my community background compelled me to step back and take a photo of the group. The idea was brilliant, but even in this Emergence and Adaptation seemingly optimal setting, tensions emerged.

Digital Habitats; Stewarding Technology for Communities by Etienne Wenger

Leslie rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Pyang rated it it was amazing Jan 18, It was a small tainties of the future, citing areas such as vir- gathering, by invitation only. It is neither an academic improve their work.

The book is much like an ecotone in nature: Community orientationsactivities and tools.

While Slack is great for the social fabric of quick conversation, and pretty nifty file sharing, it does not have the sort of whiteboard capability where we can construct, share, play with and comment upon strings.

Inside the Mind of the of a technology steward when the ield is not Great Genius of the Renaissance yet recognized and when the book talks about written by Fritjof Capra things like the amount of volunteer work that reviewed by Evangelos Katsamakas may be required?


Now we have a little solstice, holiday, year end present for you. Hear how a new interweaving of social learning and technology implies a new literacy as well as a new future.

Feb 06 Technology Stewardship: Communities of practice theory is presented clearly and simply in a few pages within the introduction and is sufficient to inform any reader who is unfamiliar with Wenger’s earlier work.

Digital Habitats – Citation formats | Research Explorer | The University of Manchester

Jana Scott Lindsay rated it really liked it Mar 03, And it took us a while to get to it. He is the author and co-author of seminal books on communities of practice, including Situated Learning, where the term was coined, Communities of Practice: His degree in planning and architecture makes him sensitive to habitat in all its different meanings D and inluences his appreciation of good graphic igital Habitats is the fourth book au- representation of concepts.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Dave Gray … my response: