Before going for differences, first let us see how the three Servlet, Observe the hierarchy and understand the relationship between the three. The main difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet is that the GenericServlet is protocol independent and can be used with any. hi whats the main difference between Generic & httServlet??.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. GenericServlet class is direct subclass of Servlet interface. In this class, only one abstract method service exist. Nowadays Java has tons of job opportunities on various vertical httpservlft. Mary Brown 12 October at The information that you shared with us httpservvlet very useful and thanks for sharing. I am really impressed with your efforts and really pleased to visit this post.

Moreover, it is possible to write a Servlet using three methods: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. HttpServlet, on the other hand, is the immediate subclass of GenericServlet. He is a very active member of the Java and Spring community on different forums. Only one object is created first time when first request comes, other request share the same object.


What is the Difference Between GenericServlet and HttpServlet

GenericServlet can forward and include a request but we can not redirect the request. Generic Servlet is protocol independent.

It contains 5 abstract methods and all inherited by GenericServlet and HttpServlet. Servlet is a server-side web technology. It is the immediate subclass of Servlet interface. However there are some exemptions for which the landowner will not be held accountable, such as: It provides simple versions of the lifecycle methods init and destroy and of the methods in the ServletConfig interface.

HttpServlet can forward and include and redirect a request. Dinesh Rajput is the chief editor of a website Dineshonjava, a technical blog dedicated to the Spring and Java technologies. HttpServlet overrides the service method of GenericServlet. Kevin Panko 6, 9 41 Therefore, it is protocol independent.

Moreover, public abstract class GenericServlet extends java. Anonymous 6 July at Servlet is an interface defining what a servlet must implement. In GenericServlet it is not possible to define separate logic for get and post request.

Also, in GenericServlet, the service method is abstract. Varshil Patel 21 diffrrence. I am a regular follower of your blog. All classes, interfaces, and methods present in the javax.


Servlet vs GenericServlet vs HttpServlet

Servlets are betwern server-side components, being written in Java. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Vishal Wable 8 March at Its most used method to create servlet. Anonymous 7 November at It is usable class to extend if you some day have to write servlet for protocol other than HTTP.

java – What is the difference between GenericServlet, HttpServlet and a Servlet? – Stack Overflow

gttpservlet However, in HttpServlet, the service method is non-abstract. Servlet is interface, it defines methods for all the implementations – that’s what interfaces usually do.

GenericServlet gives a blueprint and makes writing servlet easier. Immediate super class of HttpServlet is GenericServlet.

It helps an individual diference knowing the amount he has to pay or expect while buying or selling the real estate respectively. To write a generic servlet, it is sufficient to override the abstract service method. Please guide me as i am a new bee in servlet. Kiran Mohan Reddy B 8 November at Anonymous 6 August at