Definisi pap smear • Pap Test adalah pemeriksaan sitologik epitel porsio dan endoserviks uteri untuk penentuan adanya perubahan praganas maupun ganas di. Is obtaining sample of exfoliated cell (dead cells that are shed) @ simple test to look at cervical cells The specimen should be obtained 2. determinants of Pap smear utilization for cervical cancer early detection in women of reproductive age using path analysis model. Subjects and Method: This.

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Gartner’s duct Epoophoron Vesicular appendages of epoophoron Paroophoron. Mungsi arab Artemisia vulgaris L. If it smewr troublesome to the patient, it can be treated by discontinuing oral contraceptives, cryotherapy treatment, or by using ablation treatment under local anaesthetic. Views Read Edit View history.

Jika tidak normal, anda akan dirujuk untuk pemeriksaan dan rawatan lanjut. Heating, diathermy or laser. Anda perlu menjalani ujian Pap Smear 3 tahun sekali. Spread to the pelvic wall, occurs hydronephrosis or renal function failure, or both. Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 20th edition of Gray’s Anatomy Mammal female reproductive system.


Definisi: pap smear, Arti Kata: pap smear

Diseases that suppress the immune system 9. Anonim, c, it develops, http: American Journal of Obstetric Gynecology. Spread to distant organs. It communicates with the uterine cavity via the internal orifice of the uterus or internal os and with the vagina via the external orifice of the uterus ostium of uterus or external os. It is usually deifnisi following a Pap test.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Incervical cancer cases are still in the first level the incidence of cancer emear Indonesia.

Binds to a cellular protein called E6-associated protein E6-AP form a ubiquitin E3 ligase targets the tumor suppressor p53 degradation Gewin et al. Pathology Gynaecological cancer Medical terminology Papillomavirus-associated diseases Thyroid. The cervical canal is the spindle-shaped, flattened canal of the cervixthe neck of the definnisi.

Cervical canal

The second thing is to report symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, especially after coitus intercourse. In the early stages surgery may be done to the network containing cancer defihisi. The invasive potential of carcinoma in situ definsii the cervix. Cervical ectropion or cervical eversion is a condition in which the cells from the ‘inside’ of the cervical canalknown as glandular cells or columnar epitheliumare present on the ‘outside’ of the vaginal portion of the cervix.


Cervical ectropion

Views Read Edit View history. Ovarian ligament Suspensory ligament. Germinal pp Tunica albuginea cortex Cumulus oophorus Stroma Medulla. The change is not a normal thingand a thorough examination should be done even if just doing a Pap smear test.

There are no clear parameters. This allows a more thorough examination to ensure that the cells undergo changes.

Wikipedia articles with TA98 identifiers. While many women are born with cervical ectropion, it can be caused by a number of reasons, such as:.

This tissue is sent for pathology testing to assign a histologic classification that is more definitive than a Pap smear result which is a cytologic finding.

Therefore Pap Smear test should be done after an infection or inflammation healed Sofyan, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ovarian ligament Suspensory ligament.

If there is bleeding after sexual activity or between menstrual periods occur and the discharge deifnisi it must be done immediately to a doctor examination.