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If the Member State allows the use of such information, the handling thereof shall be governed by the Europol Convention. However, the competent authorities may communicate the fact that the alert has been erased because the person has been located to the person who reported the person missing.

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Records may be kept longer if they are required for monitoring procedures that are already under way. If any failure by a Member State to comply with its obligations under this Decision causes damage to SIS II, that Member State shall be held liable for such damage, unless and in so far as the Management Authority or another Member 20007 participating in SIS II failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the damage from occurring or to minimise its impact.

Personal data held in files by the SIRENE Bureau as a result of information exchanged shall be kept only for such time as may be required to achieve the purposes for which they were supplied.

Information shall not be communicated to the data subject if this is indispensable for the performance of a lawful task in connection with an alert or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of third parties. The records which include the history of alerts shall be erased one to djn years after deletion of the alerts. SIS II, data integrity and security. The Member State issuing the alert pursuant to this paragraph shall inform 2007 other Member States thereof.

CS-SIS shall automatically inform the Member States of the scheduled deletion of data from the system four months in advance. An arrangement should be made to allow representatives of Iceland and Norway to be associated with the work of committees assisting the Commission in the exercise of its implementing powers.


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Data on objects sought for the purposes of seizure or use as evidence in criminal proceedings shall be entered in SIS II. Links may be created by a Member State in accordance with its national legislation provided that the principles outlined in the present Article are respected. Users, including Europol, the national members of Eurojust and their assistants, may only access data which they require for the performance of their tasks. If the measures envisaged are not in accordance with the opinion of the Committee, or if no opinion is delivered, the Commission shall, without delay, submit to the Council a proposal relating to the measures to be taken.

The Member State which located the object shall take measures in accordance with national law. Alerts issued by one Member State may not be copied from its N. Decisions to keep alerts on persons should be based on a comprehensive individual assessment.

The representative of the Commission shall submit to the Committee a draft of the measures to be taken. The Commission shall transmit the evaluation to the European Parliament and the Council. Where it becomes apparent, when a new alert is entered, that there is already a person in SIS II with the same identity description element, the following procedure shall be followed:.

The Member State that issued the alert shall check the communication and, if necessary, correct or delete the item in question without delay. Only the Member State issuing an alert shall be authorised to modify, add to, correct, update or delete data which it has entered. Need more search options? If a requested action cannot be performed, the requested Member State shall immediately inform the Member State issuing the alert. Subject to an impact assessment by the Commission, it should be decided to what extent the implementing measures could be the responsibility of the management authority, once it is set up.


The agreement shall be reached on the basis of the exchange of supplementary information. Before concluding this Agreement, the Council shall seek the opinion of the Commission on the adequacy of the level of protection of personal data and respect of fundamental rights and liberties regarding the automatic processing of personal data by Interpol and by countries which have delegated members to Interpol.

Any person has the right to have factually inaccurate data relating to him corrected or unlawfully stored data relating to him deleted.

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It shall not be possible to search the data files of other Member States’ N. The national supervisory authority shall ensure that an audit of the data processing operations in its N.

5533 In the long term, and following an impact assessment, containing a substantive analysis of alternatives from financial, operational and organisational perspective, and legislative proposals from the Commission, a management authority with responsibility for these tasks should be established. After its establishment, the Management Authority, in cooperation with the national supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor, shall repeat such campaigns regularly.

The Chair shall not vote. This Decision establishes the conditions and procedures for the entry and processing in SIS II of alerts on persons and objects, the exchange of supplementary information and additional data for the purpose of 207 and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

Europol may only communicate such information to third countries and third bodies with the consent of the Member State 533. Such data shall be kept in national files for a maximum period of three years, except if specific provisions in national law provide for a longer retention period.

For this purpose, personal data may also be communicated in accordance with this Decision.