H1 Keep on the Shadowfell & Quick-Start Rules (4e) – An Introductory 4th Edition D&D Adventure for Characters of Levels 1st-3rd. The town of. The town of Winterhaven stands watch over a ruined keep that was once a bastion of good in the realm. This keep overlooks the Shadow Rift. Over in Help! I am going to teach D&D4E to 7+ people, I made a throw-away comment that I thought that H1 blows chunks.

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The most important one, albeit unofficial, is the one at the Alexandrian website.

The torturer up north uses terrain. Cue state funeral skill challenge! I recall this included some great ideas about weaving all the NPC’s and their lives and threads and motives from town through the Kalarel together much better and reworking the stuff going on in town.

[4E] Why I think H1 Keep on the Shadowfell sucked

He was getting paid off to ignore what was going on. CordellMike Mearls. I wonder if the thing he is summoning from the Shadowfell is a pharma rep bringing free Zoloft samples for the Winterhavenites. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

dnd 4e – What fixes are there for Keep on the Shadowfell? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Friday, 17th October, I put a secret door in the prison leading down into the middle of the hobgoblin barracks. I want them to aim higher and show me something I can’t imagine. It is only visible to you. I discourage you from running it without any changes – it th led to many total party kills TPKs of groups, the adventure itself shadoefell too many fights, and the story is lackluster at best. Freshness helps make memorable encounters.

  HI 98130 PDF

Cue war crimes trial skill challenge!

So for me it wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t a rocking good time by any means. Here is a thread talking about changes and edits. I want enough situation so that the module could even have replay value.

To my amusement and their chagrin. If you want some more oomph to closing the portal once Kalarel is defeated, there’s a skill challenge for that. A rickety rope bridge over a rushing river works just fine — if there’s a reward to justify the risk of traveling over that rope bridge.

4E So you want to run Keep on the Shadowfell

H1 was the introduction to 4E for many people. If the defender is entrenched, use pre-existing fortifications and force the players to struggle to nullify that advantage. Monday, 13th October, What I want is situation, rich in possibilities, suggestion, and provocation — something that can be engaged in multiple way, but which only the PCs can resolve into plot.


Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Email Required, but never shown.

I do disagree with John about the tactical content: In a May review for RPG. The whole thing felt superfluous.

Retrieved from ” https: A reviewer from the gaming-oriented Pyramid commented that, as the first scenario for the yet-unreleased new edition, Keep on the Shadowfell was “quite sjadowfell significant item,” particularly because Wizards’ had included rules from the new edition.

I thought most of the encounters were repetitive except for the last fight.

We shadowfekl this in so maybe the errata that had come out by then made things easier, but that’s just speculation. Share directly to my status.

Sign up using Email and Password. Survivors branded with L’s on forehead, exiled from kingdom] [Party survives Michael Ironside but fails to destroy Zeist. Plot is an unfruitful unvoid.