Curse of the Azure Bonds. Secret of the Silver Blades. Pool of Radiance. Dark Queen of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn. Chrunpions of Krynn. Pools of Darkness . Dark Queen of Krynn Copy Protection Question and Answer Table. When)OU stan an ad\cnturc. lhe program \\Ill ask)OU a qucsuon. The ans\\crs arc prO\ 1dcd . Dark Queen of Krynn, The Manual (pdf):: The Dark Queen of Krynn is the third in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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A cursor in the area display shows the party s position and facing. Show 0 new item s. With Search Off, ktynn party takes one minute per move. The posed figure of the Dark Queen is a bit more static, a quality of Caldwell’s multi-figure work that is overcome in his best pieces.

No more than similar items can be joined.

goldbox / The Dark Queen of Krynn

See the section on Experience Points in the Adventurer s Journal for an example. In combat the Aim menu appears if the item can be targeted. The mage’s black robes and sleeves are tattered, with bleeding cuts on his legs and his long-fingered hands bound by serpents — a nice touch.

Look in the Adventurer s Journal for more information on spells and magic. Look under Solamnic Knights in the Adventurer s Journal for more information. Some spells only work in combat, others while encamped. MONEY is used to deposit money in storage.

Not all of these commands are available at all times. Page Tools Insert links Insert or to other pages or uploaded files. The Rule Book only shows the general menus.


The concept of the active character is adrk to the game. POOL places all of the party members coins, gems, and jewelry into storage.

Highlight the items that the active character will buy and select BUY. This may be desirable if your current game is an untenable position, or if you have accidentally loaded the wrong game.

Temples offer healing spells and perform other clerical services. From the View Menu, several options are available to inspect the active character.

Characters accumulate wealth in the form of gems, jewelry, and coins as they go. Use the instructions on the Data Card to load the saved game that has been provided and begin playing.

The Dark Queen of Krynn / PC (DOS/Windows) / Downloads –

FLED status means that the character has fled from a battle. If things are going badly for the party, NPCs may run. The evil goddess Takhisis confronts her helpless prey, the captured archmage Raistlin Majere. To look at a character s items: Go to town not only to adventure, but also to purchase new equipment and magic items, and to rest and regain spells and hit points.

A party should have a balanced mix of characters with different classes. If any treasure remains, the option to return to the Treasure Menu is displayed. Non-elf characters have a chance of being resurrected with a raise dead or resurrection spell.

This command can also be used to attack an adjacent enemy with a melee weapon sword, dadk, etc. This only appears if the monsters had a treasure or the party has pooled its funds. This command may not be available in some regions. See the Magic section for more information. Raistlin’s teeth are gritted with pain or rage, his eyes ringed by deep shadows as he gazes up at his captor.


If a character has no readied missile weapon, he readies a melee weapon and charges. As they travel through the featureless plains, the heroes encounter a black-robed mage being tortured — Raistlin Majere, who was captured by the Dark Queen following his attempt to defeat her and thereby become a god. Each deity confers unique lf to its clerics, and determines which alignments a character can be.

Most of the Treasure Menu is displayed. They never rush into close combat, even if all of their missile attacks are expended. Refer to the Data Card for computer-specific movement information. LAY is a healing ability manyal paladins. Area provides an overhead view of the party s surroundings, replacing the 3-D view. If a character has gained enough experience to advance more than one level, he will advance only one level and then lose all experience points in excess of one point below that required for advancement to the next level.

Dark Queen of Krynn manual

EXIT returns you to the street outside of the bank. ID is used to identify an item. Already have an account?