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Sat Jan 16, Someone help me I bought a GBS converter card I tried to connect the pc in the neckboard did not work Look at the pictures and the video I made If someone can help me, I thank them https: I did find this ancient one which has listed S ync output, H in and V in for horizontal and vertical separation, a very different design from this one. I have little experience with block diagrams so I might be wrong, but it’s a pin package on my TV and is probably doing more than you might be datasheey.

And what exactly did you do wrong there? If the readings show the tubes do look like they could use some love, don’t get greedy.


Where would sync go? What the deal with this sets PIP? The final configuration is this: I know the KV-xxFV is the best flat model available- did you guys just have this model on hand or did you seek it out?

And finally, I can’t find that L2Fill that should fix my horizontal position problem. I know this thread datssheet about it but it’s worth shooting this question.

CXA2154AS Distributor

Mon Dec 31, 1: Yeah, the 10uF cap was probably too big, hence why it took longer for the voltage to load up to affect brightness. My consoles are using a combination of csync and cvbs mostly csync. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are 4 things xatasheet I need to do: Thank you for the info.

Your mileage will vary, though. Previous topic Next topic. Do your 75ohm to ground terminations as well as your. Sat Jan datahseet, 6: Should show as color now.

VCC1 is a power rail Double letters cc refer to power supply voltages. As in the best they had was S-video?

I doubt it’s too bad of a mod if someone had already made instructions, but here we are. But this does not always work it depends on cxa2154qs device and cableso you just have a 5 input, as you say, and can also switch to it manually. I had to use those 75ohm terminator BNC adapters to avoid this but again, a lifeless picture. Mon Jan 18, 1: Using a 10k would be safer?


CXAAS Datasheet, PDF –

Thu Jan 14, 5: If you don’t have experience or knowledge in servicing HV equipment. It shouldn’t disable those options just because you’re on RGB All systems are looking great and performing as expected. Okay, yeah I see where you’re coming from. I tried my best to calibrate datasneet but they don’t came any closer to my PVM, that has the best picture I ever seen in my life. I do see, on the possible OSD output chip, that pin 6 looks like it takes h-sync input.

Personally I have no idea as i’m a Pom!

Depending on which pins are connected.