EXPECTED ANNA UNIVERSITY PART-B QUESTIONS CS Complete Lecture Notes of CS Computer Organization and. CS Computer Organization and Architecture Lecture Notes – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Notes. Class lecture notes for second Year,fourth semester Computer Organization & Architecture (Subject Code: CS) is available here in PDF.

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Program of Figure 2. Add R4,R0 Add to previoussum. A subroutine for deleting a record from a linked list. Clear R0 R0 accumulates the dot product. He is funny and nice.

CS2253 Computer Organization and Architecture May/June 2013 Important Questions

Sarath mode used in the program of Figure 2. Booth multiplier recoding table. LShiftL 4,R1 Shift left by 4 bit positions.

What is a data hazard? If it does, the stack is full.



It then sends the second character. You pretty much need to attend every lecture, even if you already know the course material. Sign extension of negative multiplicand. Checking for empty and full errors in pop and push operations. University of New Brunswick Edit. Notess is because the S and C vector outputs from each row are produced in parallel in one full-adder delay. Ads nottes be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free.

He doesn’t upgrade himself.


Circuit arrangement for binary division. Logic for addition of binary vectors. He’s reasonable IF you miss it for a good reason. Class wasn’t hard, but you needed to be there CS Computer Organization and Architecture. Addition of 1 – bit numbers. Describe the multiple bus organization and compare it with a single bus organization.

Click here to download Lecture The multiplication example from Figure 6. Explain how the instruction pipeline works.

A routine that packs two BCD digits. Click here to download today’s Motes Click here to download A program that reads a line of characters and displays it.


Help out your fellow students. What are the disadvantages of increasing the number of stages in pipelined processing?

Click here to sign up. Submit a Correction Learn how ratings work. Booth recoding of a multiplier. A stack of words in the memory. Sarath A straight-line program for adding n numbers.

Such space is called a stack frame. List and explain the steps involved in the execution of a complete instruction. Input is sent from the keyboard in a similar way.

They’ll do the same for you. Using a loop to add n numbers.