A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. Crumb’s Makrokosmos I & II were written to expand the world of color and Mr. Crumb and Ms. Tan worked closely on the preparation of these works for the. Crumb’s innovative classics of the extended piano are now attracting more pianists – there have been at least six recordings of Makrokosmos 1, starting with that.

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The music moves in slow breaths, hovering over the topography like ominous thunderclouds. One of the most celebrated performers of John Cage’s music, Ms. He has written chamber and electronic works, music for majrokosmos and dance, and is currently working on a chamber opera, Die Bestmannoperwhich has been presented, in part, by the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg.

And Mode Records have re-issued a recording of both books of Makrokosmos, performed by Margaret Leng Tan, originally released in for his 75th birthday. Selected comparisons Crumb Makrokosmos, Vols. Litany of the Galactic Bells Leo R. By the way, the Crumb video is currently in my Netflix queue so I can watch it all again.

A Prophecy of Nostradamus [Symbol] [4: Three of the pieces bear an epigraph: That is why it is so important to experience Crumb’s music live. Views Read Edit View history. The Phantom Gondolier [2: Similarly to Volume Ithe last piece of each part is notated so that the score forms an image: In one work she used a glass tumbler to glide up and down the depressed strings to produce distant banshee crmub or whistles, all of which were subjected to discreet amplification that prolonged and bent the tones.

Makrokosmos – Wikipedia

The Phantom Gondolier of part 2 of Volume 1 amounts to an intensive display of alternative ringing and rustling piano practices and the added pleasure? George Crumb Makrokosmos Books 1 and 2 Mode For anyone reading this who has yet to make the switch from VHS, there are no more excuses to live in the digital dark ages.

Makrokodmos employed unusual visual angles and imaginative special film effects to makrokosmis an incredibly potent blending of the sonic and the visual. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat Some of these do remind me not so little of Terry Riley ‘s habit of giving his pieces beautiful and thought-provoking titles, like on his album Harp of New Albion piano in just intonation and Salome Dances for Peace String Quartet Crumb has connected this musical venture with the star signs of the Zodiac.


However, these objects do not, as with Cage, stay put during performance, but are inserted and removed by the performer during playing.

Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1

The last piece of each part is notated in such a way that the score forms crummb image: This is a true listening adventure for the clean-eared! Indeed, very few post piano compositions continue to be so widely performed and recorded, and from the present vantage point, it seems increasingly certain that these pieces have earned a secure place in the repertoire.

The extended techniques crummb not the only reason for this heightened resonance and reverberance.

The makrokosmox uses her fingertips and fingernails to pluck and strike the strings at various locations, to play glissandi across groups of strings, and to slide or scrape along the length of the string.

Music of Shadows for Aeolian Harp [2: Extra-musical influences are offered in the designation of a sign of the Zodiac to each piece as well as a descriptive title.

Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and is also scored for amplified piano. As the booklet text by Steven Bruns which to a high degree constitutes the source for these comments states, one of the more important aspects of Makrokosmos is the exploration of timbres, innumerable variations on nuances of timbres. She creates translucent harmonics by lightly touching nodal points on the strings. Your calligraphy and careful notation have occasioned much commentary over the years.

The apparent ease of the flow of events in Makrokosmos may persuade one of an improvisational approach, but this is belied by the comprehensive sketches, with planning of the over-arching intent as well as the minute details. Tan would thrust her hands into the air, her fingers spread, like a sorceress pleased with some new spice she had added to a gurgling brew.


Cadenza Apocalittica Scorpio L. Makrokosmos, Volume I was composed in for pianist and friend David Burge who previously commissioned and premiered Crumb’s Five Pieces for Piano Cosmic Wind Libra S. The few times Mr. Of course, many un-orthodox playing practices are exercised by the brilliant pianist Margaret Leng Tan, like plucking strings inside the piano, playing glissandi across strings, sliding a scrape along a string and so forth – and the truly extraneous sound appears in whistles and vocal utterances Such Mahlerian specificity in the performance directions is only one of the ways in which Crumb calls special attention to the notation.

Pastorale from the Kingdom of Atlantis is rinsed romanticism, somehow – a very short, beautiful pianistic bagatelle: Retrieved from ” https: The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. Yes, a long neck, a proud look, a fantastic hairdo! The Abyss of Time Virgo A.

Crumb has exemplified the characters of the Zodiac with the initials of specified persons born under those signs, like Lorca and Brahmsto mention a couple. Robert Nasveld, in his two-CD set, has some awe-inspiring groans and shouts louder than Burge. The music is exciting, the playing is marvelous – Mode has produced another great disc.

Crumb has exemplified the characters of the Zodiac with the initials of specified persons born under those signs, like Lorca and Brahms, to mention a couple. On the surface many of these pieces can seem merely like timeless, amorphous essays in sound. Tan’s talent in his Sorceress of the New Piano: I endeavour to make my own notation as simple and conventional as possible, since I want to communicate clearly and economically all the necessary information to the performer.


Morning Music Genesis II [2: Ah, life is much sweeter in DVD Land. Composition Artist Credits Makrokosmos I. And in several pieces, while playing and scraping, Ms.