These are indeed recipes for disaster. Anyone with the shghtest experience in the field knows that nothing ever goes as planned, especially not the first time. Recipes for Disaster has ratings and 42 reviews. Bree said: This book was a graduation present from my friend Leah. I liked the art projects. Ironica. Beautifully designed A-Z of the totality of revolutionary politics. This brand new Crimethinc book is the action guide – the direct action guide. From affinity groups .

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It’s wealth of DIY groundwork awesome layout, bold line drawings and smart, witty writing make it an entertaining and wholly convincing read.

Goodreads reviews for Recipes for Disaster. At pages, you could always throw the damn book at a suitable target. The rest of the book is an entertaining read, sometimes annoyingly simplistic and trite, and not something that I can take very seriously, but still an interesting book to pick up every once in a while. Talk without action only sets a precedent for more of the same; actions themselves can be eloquent, on the other hand, in ways that words rarely can.

So much useful information for the armchair activist. First, for the sake of safety and precision, subject matter was limited to methods with which the authors had reci;es experience. Jun 10, JP Martinez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 25, Zoo rated it it was amazing. They saw ‘the revolution’ not as a final product but as an ongoing decipes they wanted not just to destroy the capitalist system but to create something livable in its place.

At any rate, our answer to this charge is that these skills and the struggle for which they are useful must both be extended to much broader circles, or else they are doomed to obsolescence anyway. This book is full of good info for activists.


Harper’s journalist Matthew Power described the convergence in Winona, Minnesota as follows:. This cokbook new Crimethinc book is the action guide – the direct action guide. Grimy and feral-looking, the CrimethInc kids squatted in small groups around a clearing Some anarchists seem to conceive of the process of anarchist organizing as consisting of a long phase of debate over what constitutes effective tactics, followed by agreement upon and application of one approach, but such loquacious deferral of action is pointless: Analysis of the Events of September 11th “.

Contributors to publications are generally not credited in respect of an anonymity asserted by participants to be one of the organization’s primary values. In Love With Love Itself”. Every radical library needs this book.

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook by CrimethInc.

You have no items in your cart. The active participants of CrimethInc. Recipes for Disaster includes very little on herbal remedies, as extensive literature has already been published about them, but features a full thirty-five pages on organizing black blocs and similar forms of anonymous mass action, since little resource material exists for those who would apply this potentially dangerous yet often useful strategy.

I respect their will to leave it up to me to decide, but you can give some thoughts and leave it up to me, you don’t have to leave it blank. Beautifully designed A-Z of the totality of revolutionary politics. Mar 08, Kaela Hildebrand is currently reading it. What are you waiting for?

May 07, Agent rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 20, Keith Seekwhence rated it really liked it. Present-tense Dimensions of Contemporary Anarchism”. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind the FBI and the NSA that just because I have added this book to my to-read shelf, it does not mean nor even imply that I am an anarchist, nor, in fact, anything but an upstanding, law-abiding member of American society.


Recipes for Disaster | AK Press

The book nicely balances tactics for empire-smashing with ones for community-building… A testament to CrimethInc. I found it to be mostly devoid of truly useful information that pushed the envelope in any real way. Refresh and try again. Jul 07, Daniel rated it really liked it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m down and I think that that is very valuable information for alot of people, especially those who are just begining to toy with ideads like the crimtehinc that Crimethinc presents. Each recipe is illustrated as necessary with photographs, technical diagrams, and firsthand accounts—culled, of course, from anonymous sources—of times the particular method or tactic was applied. Mao jadi anak nakal?!?

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

If you associate yourself with reciped struggle for a better world, consider how you can do your part to get these tools into unlikely hands. Loads to read, to think about, and to do. From affinity groups to wheatpasting, coalition building, hijacking events, mental health, pie-throwing, shoplifting, stenciling, supporting survivors of domestic violence, surviving a felony trial, torches, and whole bunch more. For those who gambled that CrimethInc.