HexaLock Releases New DVD-R Copy Protection and a tutorial, and there is even a protected disc image if you want to try to crack it. Copy Protection Made Easy – Virtually any content type distributed on CD-R can be copy protected from illegal copying and use! You can create copy protected. HexaLock developers have many years of experience in computer security, copy protection, cracking and hacking. HexaLock VDH technology takes advantage.

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HexaLock’s 4th generation copy protection provides both outstanding resistance to copying software and equipment and also increased compatibility and performance with all tested hardware and software configurations. NOW, use my acrobat. It can be easily captured with an application called Camtasia.

In addition to the fact that unauthorized copies cannot be made, it is possible to implement a serialization feature, that makes every disc unique, and a user authentication feature that prevents unauthorized individuals from using the disc.

Military, Governmental Organizations, Businesses organizations who distribute limited and confidential information to employees and other related parties, must control their information distribution.

And that’s where the strength of these programs lies. I may make a few changes to make the app easier to use.

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However the copy will not be a perfect digital copy, and the process is time consuming. The duplication process can be done in one-off mode or in an automated mode in selected duplication systems. Results 1 to 8 of 8. When you open Part 1 make sure you select a folder that is ccrack your computer, because you cant write files to a cd Select My Documents or desktop or something…then select file button and find the file on your cd drive… That should do it for ya.


Please keep your comments relevant to this product. Error handling and such. There are also several layers of copy protection in these technologies, making it very difficult to bypass the protection to make un-authorised copies. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Good protection should do crcak following: Contact Image Source for more information at by using our online contact form.

So, the discs thus far seem next to impossible to duplicate using present technology. Please note these discs currently ship with a white inkjet printable surface. That is certainly NOT by any means industry owned content and they have no right to restrict MY content in this manner. The result is a 2D picture that represents the view from a specific angle. Protection There have been many copy protection, or Digital Rights Management DRMtechniques available previously for CD-R, but most are easily bypassed by anyone with reasonable computer knowledge.

Download hexalock – Google Docs

The crackk now is Another method is to use a hex editor, name it acrobat. I just want to print. There have been all sorts of similar programs for CD-rs for years. Thx for the help.

The most likely method of breaking the copy protection is to examine the file using a disassembler, hexallock requires considerable programming knowledge, and then to post the “crack” on the Internet. Bluesky Frame Rate Co Its purpose is for distributors who use recordable media and want some protection.

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Copy Protection from a DVD recorder? If you need to upgrade your shipping or expedite your delivery please call after placing your order.

When making a copy of an original protected disc the VDH pattern will disappear.

Here is the website cracm this software. Looking for wholesale, bulk or trade prices? The developers are most vulnerable to serious damage to their commercial success if titles are stolen and distributed via the Internet, before their official launch.

I searched the hexalock program and found that all you have to do is get a simple burning program I used ONES by traxdata name it to acrobat. I can only view the files from PPTView.

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Camtasia allowed me to select the specific recording area, and after disabling hardware acceleration in the video player – perfectly captured both video AND audio. All program executable files. Believing yourself to be secure only takes one cracker to dispel your belief. HexaLock copy protection solutions offer publishers a higher level of available digital copy protection.

Why shop at CD-writer.