Council Of Wyrms (2e) – Feel mighty muscles ripple beneath your armored flesh. Hear the wind rush by with each powerful flap of your scaled. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Council of Wyrms is divided into two distinct bodies: the Platform of Wyrms, whose members may cast votes; and the Platform of Dominates, whose.

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Copper dragons, on the other hand, change mates frequently in search of new experiences, at least until reaching mature adult growth, at which point they tend to settle down with one mate for the rest of their life.

Member feedback about Tales from the Yawning Portal: The green dragon clans are less free with their gifts, but not short on their dedication to order. In this setting Gem dragons are typically of neutral alignment. They can be just about any shade of blue. They are preferentially picked as kindred by the bronze, copper, emerald, red and blue dragons, though they’re not uncommon as kindred to any but black dragons, who dislike them intensely.

You are born of a vassal father and a dragon mother. Dragons have as much difficulty causing harm to creatures that require magical weapons to penetrate their natural resistance as their vassals do, and not every dragon can cast the necessary spells to overcome this detriment.

As such, most campaigns for the Council of Wyrms game take place on a larger, more stretched-out time scale. While players and Dungeon Masters should not concern themselves with mass, lift, and minimum speed to avoid stalling, a few guidelines represent these conditions. The Io’s Blood chain is over 60 islands, with many different climates.

Gem dragons, however, hold that no dragon can ever be an abomination, and so will often raise them as a full member of their clans.


The use of raise dead spells cannot resurrect a dragon, but the resurrection or wish spells can.

Council of Wyrms | Revolvy

So, how do you get around this death by old age? Clan Resplendence in particular believes they are better suited to be the leading gold dragon clan and oppose Exaurdon in debate frequently.

That is not to say that dragons ignore imminent threats by those who live day to day, but when considering a danger, dragons take the long view. First, to level up, a dragon has to be of the appropriate age, and get the appropriate amount of XP, which is where we get the first Members of the Platform of Wyrms receive the added title of “Councillor” for wyrms or “Grand Councillor” for great wyrms.

After all, dragons are if you were to ask them inherently superior and able to defeat all wytms without much trouble.

Clans Sunblaze, Cloudwalker, Pinnacle and Tempest. However, even for dragons that willingly lifemate with a demihuman, half-dragon children are socially unacceptable. Some dragons are free-spirits, however, and form roving flights that travel from one territory to another. Emeralds like to cuoncil from ambush, using breath and claws to disable as many foes as possible but retreating if in real danger.

An adult dragon cannot advance beyond 15th level in their chosen class. He’s dreamed up many plots to get rid of them, but acts on none, as he is counicl in success.

With the loss of part of your bonded hoard, you lose one power per time period – up to a year, for a small loss, to every six months, for a total loss. While no clan is openly its enemy, most other clans are deeply envious of the wealth of Clan Exaurdon. Glittering cities of gold and jade gleam in the daylight hours as beacons of law and justice, but as night falls even they give way to the fearsome monsters beyond.


Amethyst dragons are most commonly mystics. Once they become juveniles, they are sent home and the next set of hatchlings takes their place. According to the draconic myth described in the setting, the islands were created by the dragon god Io. Every type of demihuman or humanoid speaks their own language, and there’s also chromatic, gem and metallic languages, spoken by those types of dragon.

Council of Wyrms

However, all that time means finding a way to not be bored. Gem dragons vary a bit more.

Instead, they killed each other. These creatures are very rare, for even the chromatics hate and fear dracoliches. Many dragons enjoy reading, and literature is traded amongst clans as vassals might trade in gold or grain. First, until you get it back, you can’t level up.

They get a few privileges, but must earn everything else. In areas claimed by multiple clans or no clanother cultures can thrive.

FATAL & Friends — Council of Wyrms

Others still, such as long-standing Council members, have mostly forsaken clan bonds and adopt positions of detached governance, so that they may councip serve all dragons. The desert islands include Rockshore, Aridia and Inferno, douncil well as the important but small Wizard’s Isle, where dragons that seek to understand the arcane secrets of the world are taught.

Ian rated it liked it Mar 28, To prevent this, the Republic also has a First Minister that is elected once every fifty years from among the current presiding lords of the constituent clans. Warclaw refuses to use elves in any way.

Their civilization dominates the known world, with all others living beneath them or in contest for territory.