Learn more about interdisciplinary treatment planning for corticotomy-facilitated orthodontics and read about a real-world case. Increased societal demands have led patients to request shorter orthodontic is the dual-specialty in-office corticotomy-facilitated bone augmentation approach. Alveolar corticotomies in orthodontics: Indications and effects on tooth movement. Dauro Douglas Oliveira*, Bruno Franco de Oliveira**.

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If there is any recession in the teeth, it can be treated at the same time with connective tissue graft or acellular dermal matrix allograft AlloDerm Fig.

Complications and Side Effects Although CAOT may be considered a less-invasive procedure than osteotomy-assisted orthodontics or surgically assisted rapid expansion, there have still been several reports regarding adverse effects to the periodontium after corticotomy, ranging from no problems [ 84144 ] to slight interdental bone loss and loss of attached gingiva [ 45 ], to periodontal defects observed in some cases with short interdental distance [ 46 ].

Bone graft materials [Autograft Nowzari et al.

Corticotomy-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment: Review

Verna C, Melsen B. The cuts are connected beyond the apices of the teeth with scalloped horizontal cuts and cortical orrthodontics are made at selective areas. Thanks to new developments in interdisciplinary dentistry, we can now offer exciting and innovative treatment options for our patients.

Long-term research on pulpal vitality after rapid movement has not been evaluated in the literature. After proper case selection, orthodontic appliances are better to be placed one week prior to the surgery.

Canine coricotomy after premolar extraction is a lengthy step during the extraction stage of orthodontic treatment.

Some patients decline orthognathic surgery due orthorontics fear, cost, lifestyle or underlying health issues. Root resorption and tooth movement in orthodontically treated, calcium-deficient, and lactating rats. Selective alveolar corticotomy to intrude overerupted molars. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

This introduced new concepts to the CAOT field, including bone matrix transportation and osteopenia-facilitated rapid tooth movement [ 17 ].

Post treatment panoramic radiograph of the same patient in figure 2, showing the fully erupted second premolar after CAE, extraction of the adjacent first premolar and fixed orthodontic treatment. Rapid orthodontics with alveolar reshaping: The results helped to substantiate the belief regarding orthodotnics health of crestal bone in relation to the corticotomy cuts. In addition, CAOT should not be considered as an alternative for surgically assisted palatal expansion in coryicotomy treatment of severe posterior cross-bite.


Rapid orthodontic decrowding with alveolar augmentation: These applications include the following: Several reports indicated that this technique is safe, effective, cortocotomy predictable, associated with less root resorption and reduced treatment time, and can reduce the need for orthognathic surgery in certain situations Wilcko et al. Periodontic and orthodontic treatment in adults.

The use of segmental corticotomy to enhance molar distalization.

Corticotomy facilitated orthodontics: Review of a technique

Burstone CJ, Nanda R, editors. Growth orthodonfics an almost insignificant factor in adults compared to children, and there is increasing chance that hyalinization will occur during treatment [ 2 ]. Molar intrusion with a cortiicotomy arch. Scand J Dent Res. The new bone heals around the teeth as they move into the new position, creating increased post-orthodontic tooth and soft-tissue stability.

Treatment goals were planned around an ideally positioned maxillary central incisor in three planes of space. It is done to induce a state of increased tissue turnover and a transient osteopenia, which is followed by a faster rate of orthodontic tooth movement. Moving teeth outside of the alveolus can result in bony dehiscences, fenestrations and gingival recession.

It has been shown that corticotomy is efficient in reducing the treatment time to as little as one-fourth the time usually required for conventional orthodontics [ 17 ]. Comparison of corticotomy-facilitated vs standard tooth-movement techniques in dogs with miniscrews as anchor units. It was concluded that neither the pulp nor the periodontium was damaged following orthodontic tooth movement after corticotomy surgery Duker, This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

In addition, cell mobilization and conversion of collagen fibers is much slower in adults than in children. This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License http: The reduced treatment duration of CAOT may reduce the risk of root resorption.


A more recent surgical orthodontic therapy was introduced by Wilcko et al. Soft tissue graft acellular dermal matrix allograft in this case can be used simultaneously with corticotomy to treat recession. A limited number of successful techniques is available for the treatment of maxillary arch constriction; these include surgically-assisted rapid palatal expansion SARPE and slow palatal expansion.

Corticotomy-facilitated Orthodontics and Goal-oriented Treatment Planning

These cuts are connected beyond the apices corticotomg the teeth when possible with a scalloped horizontal cuts. The goals of tooth movement in the maxillary arch included transverse expansion and anterior protraction and extrusion. Hosl E, Baldauf A, editors. However, further randomized testing in humans is still needed to confirm the claimed advantages of this technique and to evaluate the long term orthdoontics. During orthodontic treatment, the patient should be in 3 months recall visits to the periodontist to assess the oral hygiene and assure good periodontal health.

Corticotomy-Facilitated Orthodontics and Goal-Oriented Treatment Planning – Spear Education

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics combined with autogenous bone grafting. Hwang H, Lee K. Non-extraction therapy is usually used to resolve mild to moderate crowding and usually results in proclination of the incisors. Accelerated orthodontics with alveolar reshaping. Controlled clinical and histological studies are needed to understand the biology of tooth movement with this procedure, the effect on teeth and bone, post-retention stability, measuring the volume of mature bone formation, and determining the status of the periodontium and roots after treatment.

Introduction Dental arch crowding is one of the most common form of malocclusion. Rapid orthodontic tooth movement aided by alveolar surgery in beagles. The regional accelerated phenomenon. Rapid orthodontic tooth movement into newly distracted bone after mandibular distraction osteogenesis in a canine model. Recent animal studies have added more evidence to the effect of CAOT.