Confrontation was the precursor to GW’s Necromunda, which is still in publication today as part of their Specialist Games range. Confrontation. Page 1 of 5 – Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread. – posted in + Necromunda: Underhive +: Well as we will soon get another edition of. Perhaps the most striking difference between Necromunda and Confrontation is that the latter doesn’t class gangs according to the house they.

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Necromunda First Releases (Confrontation) – Collectors Guide – CcmWiki

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give neromunda to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Hidden Content and my fave, Ana looks so hardcore.

Does Newt mostly come at night? Confrontation was a response to this and focused on the creation and development of small “gangs” of individual fighters. Threaten to paint her hair a “normal” colour.


Castigator and Sister Alessia like this. In later editions Necromunda focussed more on the Underhive the lawless underbelly of the city-spires and one gets an overwhelming impression of Mad Max; Beyond Thunderdome. Gonna make some ‘Splatterville’ Scenery for their turf and have this randomly stenciled on things. The noose around the neck is easy, Empire Flagellants have plenty if I remember correctly.

fonfrontation Ill have a look for suitable axes, the old Fantasy Chaos Warrior kit has some nice axes and they go quite nice on Space Wolf minis as well. I need to dig around some of GW ‘s older artwork.

Ooh maybe a gang based on Disney Necromundaa The differences between Confrontation and the younger Necromunda rules in includes the following:. Most of the weapons for Confrontation were taken from Rogue Traderand remained in the Warhammer 40, 2 nd Edition where they were included in Necromunda.

  BS 1030B PDF

Posted 27 August – Personal tools Log in Request account. At one point before the glue set she was slowly sliding down the wall like she had one bottle of second best too many. Confrontation The box cover commissioned for Confrontation.

Knives could be also thrown in Confrontation and armour was treated more individually with helmets, body armour, coifs, shields and Power shieldsspecific parts of power armour and even complete Terminator armour. Brat Gang – The ‘Splatter Punks’.

Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread.

Confrontationby contrast, is broader in its scope with transit tubes, shanty towns and spire penthouses being described. Schultz and Sister Alessia like this. The Issue which introduced the Confrontation Rules. Some of my favourite things. In the fall and winter —91 issues of White Dwarf magazine, Games Workshop proposed a skirmish-level rule-set to highlight low-key engagements within the Warhammer 40, universe.

His poems or the bohemian lifestyle?? After poking through my bits box I have found the Hybrid arm with the sticks of Dynamite, now I need to finish the tongue sculpting, I NEED an Escher explosives ‘expert’ of Badassitude, and I think the tongue would give her a certain something rather than ‘generic looking ganger with explody things’. Retrieved from ” http: Instead a broader picture of the hive emerges, with Scavvies, Brats, Techs and Mutants being given equal attention.

Been tinkering with bits, still need to do little bits of filling here and there and the leader needs a skirt and her boots need finishing Successful leaders attracted more Caryatids, while being abandoned by one was seen as a bad omen. Posted 24 August – This page confrontatjon part of the Necromunda – Collectors Guide. I can’t post pics as I can only post from my phone at the moment. Games Hecromunda Necromunda game. I think I need to step away from the laptop for a bit and actually leave the house.


Edited by Brother Tyler, 30 November – Although the following four figures are commonly described as Hunters, the blister packs in which they were briefly available described them as Underhive Gangers. The Hive world of Necromunda appeared fairly early on in the development of the Warhammer 40, universe. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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I know it is less metal but it is more practical. I saw the inconceivable mystery of a soul that knew no restraint, no faith and no fear, yet struggling blindly with itself.

The differences between Confrontation and the younger Necromunda rules in includes the following: I will be watching. Still tinkering with bits for the Venators, I have lost my sexy kneelength boots somehow so Im looking for a suitable alternative. Posted 23 August – Posted 17 August – Gangers Lex Juve Gonna make some ‘Splatterville’ Scenery for their turf and have this randomly stenciled on things.

As for weapons the old Confrontation charts gave Venators a higher chance of starting with Needlers and Web Guns all equipment was chosen randomly for a starting gang, I quite liked that actually.

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