these monologues will give you a lot to work with. Written by author Starring on Bay Street – a novel by Jan Peterson Ewen – “Heart-warming and Humorous”. The following skits are contained in download above. Canoe is a quick, humorous look at not giving God the glory when he answers our prayers. Church growth. Monologues suitable for men and women. The Medieval Traffic Warden A short, comic monologue or speech, as the traffic warden hands out a rather large fine.

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They discover the only way to escape is to escape monologuez. When a marketing guy tries to solve global warming Sir Edmund Hillary is on the rise. A full length play about summoning being from other dimensions in order to destroy the world.

This 15, word extract is about one seventh of the overall manuscript, released on this website prior to the novel’s publication date.

Comedy Monologues

Harold Borgenstein goes speed dating and is unexpectedly possessed by not one but nine Greek Gods. She has no flietype what’s coming and it’s going to blow her mind.

A psychotic spouse, a son called Edgard, a high-powered client, a stolen bicycle, the five-year-old-girl next door who will murder monolotues for touching her bicycle, and a toothless Uber driver. How will he get over his addiction to addictions? She has lead a difficult life and when we meet her in this play, she is at the end of her tether. Zoe and Chris have the worst landlord ever.

Cimedy Princesses Ariel and Jasmine didn’t get the ‘ever’ they were after. Sophie is lamenting her lack of success with men as Valentine’s Day approaches. Goonda Tamil translation of “The Goon” – 10 mins 3 male Comedy. Hungarian translation of my popular play The Goon.


A man and a woman meet outside an Alcoholics Mpnologues support group meeting. First it was cigarettes, then Mars Bars, then the gym. My totally hilarious home-made ‘new mail notifier.

A 10 minute monologue. Written permission must be obtained before these files can be copied, distributed or used in any way other than personal viewing, reading or listening.

An expose of the porn coomedy. I’m also slightly reluctant to post material which could get my sued by irrational zealots. Finished it at age Richard has lunch with his new boss and a prospective client. After watching a zombie movie marathon, a young university student can’t sleep thanks to the fear of zombie apocalyse.

Four people living as computer programs in a virtual world are given the scare of their existence when a virus begins to affect one of them. Join Captain Everything, the superhero of all superheroes, filetyps his quest to rescue Princess Prettyface.

If you’re interested in producing one of my plays, look at my Plays page for further detail.

An exploration of what it means to suffer from an addiction. A man was stuck in Groundhog’s Day right up until he did his very best to be very bad. What happens when a pious teenager is given hardcore porn for his birthday? They don’t coomedy each other, but get to talking. Going out to buy chocolate with severe social anxiety.

What happens when your parents start acting like teenagers? Dale rescues Cara cmoedy her abusive father, but at the expense of her freedom.


Funny Monologues

The Easter Thief – from the fairy tales written by Swiss author Geraldine Aegerter and edited by myself. Sensation – 10 mins 1 female Comedy, Monologue. For further information contact me. When workplace legislation goes too far. A four-person adaptation of the monologue “Checkout”. Would love to hear your thoughts on the excerpt! Dragula – 10 mins 1 maleComedy, Monologue. Dragula is back, and so’s Barry, the year-old virgin plumber from Cootamundra.

Princess Peach of Mario Bros fame is throwing a party. Written by historian Robert Thomson and multi-award-winning playwright Pete Malicki. filetgpe

Comedy Monologues, Funny Monologues, Stand up Comedy Script, Humorous Speeches, Funny Ads

Why isn’t the elevator company called KruppThyssen? Five strangers wake up to find themselves locked in an empty room. Performed at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Two sisters fight over the same sexy, sexy man. The woman quickly reveals that she’s an addict, but drinking isn’t her problem. A 20 minute radio play about giant spiders playing with their food.

Recently performed as part of Crash Test Drama. My award-winning play, “The New Inhabitant”. As monologus social media wildfire spreads, “Not To Monoogues explores the balance between censorship and free speech and the extreme reactions seen in current times. Stars And Science – 10 mins 1 male, 1 female Comedy.