Autotherm Equipments Corporation is well known manufacturer,exporter and supplier of Cokeless Cupola Furnaces at market leading price from Coimbatore,, . EcoMelt Cokeless Melting Furnace is a Vertical Shaft Melting furnace and was as a melting unit for Cast iron without use of coke as in a conventional cupola. The development of the cokeless cupola began in the United Kingdom at the foundry of Hayes Shell Cast Limited in the mid s. A pilot furnace was built.

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A method according to claim 6 wherein the silica comprises broken bottles, jars, gravel.

On the other hand, although we propose to add more fluxing material than is conventional, if too much fluxing material is added, with a view to keeping the slag fluid, the spheres will be attacked by the fluxing materials, leading to a high consumption of spheres which not only increases the operating cost but also, because of the reduced thickness of the bed as the spheres are consumed, leads to problems of insufficient superheating of the metal and consequently low tapping temperatures.

Depending on the requirements, the iron can then be cast or adjusted to the required analysis and temperature in an induction furnace.

Additionally during melting some oxidation of the metal itself and of other components present may occur, and this likewise results in materials which must be absorbed into a suitable slag so that the furnace can be operated easily. Long-term furnace In line with the current state of the art, a long-term furnace can be designed with or without a lining. Moreover in many instances the cokeless cupola is operated as a long-campaign furnace as this is a more energy-efficient method of operation than a series of short runs futnace it forms an important part of the way the furnace is used.

It acts as a source of heat In the bed it superheats the iron as it trickles over the coke It acts as a source of carbon In the Cokeless Melting Furnace these functions are provided by three different means: Low cost method of fluidizing cupola slag A. Thus with insufficient fluxing agents the furnace does not produce any metal at all.


Besides achieving lowest melting cost, the pollution norm of the country can easily be met without installing any pollution control device. Sprayable basic refractory composition for repairing the hot basic refractory linings of high temperature furnaces, and method.

A method according to claim 2 wherein limestone, dollastone is ckkeless to the re-cycled slag as another component of the fluxing agents. A typical slag analysis would have a composition in the following range: The principle of the ockeless is highlighted in the diagramatic drawing below. This too points to using as little fluxing agent as possible so as to produce the minimum of slag. Cold-blast operation is known to have difficulties reaching high spout iron temperatures, unless coke charge and blast volume are increased to the detriment of the melting rate see Cupola furnace network diagram.

US5294243A – Method of operating cokeless cupola – Google Patents

cjpola Longer melt campaigns of up to 48 hours are possible with minor modifications in refractory specification and water spray cooling of the shell near the burner area. It is very difficult to take an analysis of the composition of the slag above the bed so the operator has to rely on the analysis of the slag after it has been removed from the furnace and after making certain assumptions furnacr the amount of sand cokeleess dirt in the charge, as well as with regard ufrnace lining wear and rate of consumption of the spheres.

Particular cuppla include a guaranteed reliable production process with only little spread in iron composition. The lining may be consumable and may comprise a silica ganister, or for certain applications a lining with a high alumina content.

In the bottom part of the furnace, combustion air blast compacted by fyrnace blower is fed into the furnace shaft by nozzles see Hot blast nozzle, Blast pressure. The combination had a similar composition to what had been used previously, i. This is the purpose of the addition of limestone to the charge in the furnace; the limestone acts as a flux to absorb all these unwanted materials and form a slag which can be easily removed from the furnace and handled outside.


In addition most cupola furnaces are lined with a refractory material and as this gradually wears away this material must also be absorbed into the slag. It is sometimes necessary to add further materials such as a fluorspar which makes the slag more reactive to the ash so that both better carbon pick-up and better temperatures in the furnace can be obtained. In case of duplexing a low bed of around mm is used corresponding to only two rows of spheres which when new are approximately mm in diameter.

Duplexing A Cokeless Melting Furnace is a very efficient melting unit as cold material is added to the top; the metal is preheated as it moves down the shaft and after melting is superheated as it passes coke,ess the bed.

For coke cupola, both price and consumption rate of coke will vary significantly depending on ash content. In this culola high-alumina linings are often employed and this alumina has to be absorbed into the slag as the lining wears. Reduced bed height reduces the tapping temperature but increases the melting rate.

This avoids handling difficulties. The metal is superheated in passing through the bed and is then collected in the well prior to tapping out in any normal way.

Cokeless Cupola

A method according to claim 2 wherein limestone, dollastone is added to the re-cycled slag as another component of the fluxing agents. Using this method, the melting process already begins when starting to fill the furnace.

This means that an operator continually has to release the slag by breaking the crust on the top of the box with a suitable bar, which is hot and heavy work. The cost will vary depending on type of metal being produced and whether graphite or a cheaper recarburiser is used in the process.

A method according to claim 11 which further comprises the step of re-cycling slag removed from the furnace by re-introducing at least a portion of the slag as a component of the slag-forming fluxing agents.