Measurement of geological features is done with a special compass that has a built-in clinometer, which is a device for measuring vertical angles. An example of . F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn was founded in the year and is considered the highest quality manufacturer of geological compasses worldwide. More than. Lecture Series SGL Introduction to Geological Mapping. Lecture 4 learn the usage of the compass, clinometer and hand-level as some of the important.

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Place the bottom EDGE of the compass flat against the plane of interest. For these measurements we will use a Brunton compass like the one you see in the pictures above. Fast, accurate, smooth, dead-on. It is important to consider such aspects in using a geological compass, compaes traditional compasses rely on inertia to remove error caused by operator movement.

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Clinometer Compass, Geological Compass | Idgah Chowk, Roorkee | M. M. Industries | ID:

Its aluminum housing is corrosion and water resistant. Split-sighting mirror for superior accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks. Place the SIDE of the compass flat against the plane.

Read the dip directly from the scale in the compass. It features durable, floating, ergonomically designed plastic housing, deg.

Uses of Compass Clinometer (With Diagram) | Structural Geology

Year of Establishment Please choose some local sellers, if you cannot wait patiently in the shipping time we declared. This compass has the most use by structural geologists, measuring foliation and lineation in metamorphic rocksor faults and clinometre in mining areas. Nature of Business Authorized Retail Dealer. Because our delivery time is business day. The Handle Compass gets its name from its “handle” shaped sight, which actually serves two purpose as Coompass the compass level, an object can be viewed through the peep sights to determine its magnetic heading.


Housed in environmentally sealed polycarbonate housing.

Geological compass

Freiberg geological compass of Clinometrr. The side button is released and the needle is then firmly held in place, allowing the user thereafter to conveniently read the orientation measured. Globally Balanced for worldwide use.

Find more suppliers in Roorkee Compass in Roorkee. The second and most interesting purpose is when tilting the compass on its side and geolog an object through the sights, its angle of elevation or declination can be found.

Now, rotate the compass keeping the lower side edge of the compass fixed, until the bulls-eye geokogy bubble is centered the round tube; not the long narrow one.

Available in the following configurations: Move the clinometer until the clinometer level bubble is centered.

Geological compass – Wikipedia

Generally, the delay or failure delivery is sometimes caused by the policy of different customs. A weighted pendulous arm beneath the compass needle can be read from one of three scales like Angle in degrees beneath the zenith from straight upangle in degrees of elevation or declination and in inches per yard of slope.

With the advent of the smartphone, geological compass programs based on the 3-axis teslameter and the 3-axis accelerometer have also begun to appear. And, usually it takes days shipping time. Absolute accuracy is about one third of a degree. This robust, long lasting compass has a unique transparent bottom with a hinged mirror so you can take measurements even when the compass is held overhead, and features a 50mm diameter horizontal circle is graduated in 1 degree intervals and numbered every 10 degrees, from 0 to degrees, with a declination adjustment to 30 degrees.

We will make every effort to fix any problem resend or refund any missing item. Resists magnetic interference and will not lose polarity. New stratum compass with mirror and clinometer to measure azimuth of dip and angle of dip in one step. This limitation is removed by use of a digital compass, though these may be more error prone because of the sensitivity of the accelerometer, which programs use to determine vertical and horizontal.


All-metal, German-made geological compass, based on the design by Dr.

Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. Dimensions Closed 93 x 72 x Clinometer Compass Get Latest Price. Available in the following configurations:. This is because the compass is used to determine dip and dip-direction of surfaces foliationsand plunge and plunge-direction of lines lineations.

Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight Precision Pendulum: The new high-tech sighting compass from Suunto. With traditional compasses there is no record of error caused by poor damping or operator movement. The high-visibility cling lends low-light and night time performance, and the triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work.

Therefore, professional use of a digital geological compass requires the recoding of variance in individual measurements. Follow us,get the latest products and the cheapest price.

Shipping weight 2 lb. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most times you will receive your order within business days after we transfer your package to the delivery company.

Retrieved from ” https: As we did when we found the strike, record where the white tipped end of the clinometer needle is pointing. Great for goelogy, hiking, Geology and other outdoor activities.

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