Figure 1: Chrysophyllum albidum tree (A) and fruits (B) [17]. .. Figure 2: Fiber fractions of the freeze-dried edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit. PDF | Chrysophyllum albidum (Sapotaceae), commonly called white star apple is a very useful medicinal plant common in the tropical and. Download scientific diagram | Showing pictures of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit, tree and seed from publication: A Comprehensive Review on Ethno-Medicine.

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Other used categories such as fodder, medico-magical or plant shadow were seldom mentioned by the informants. Nonetheless these are important findings for future biochemical and pharmacology studies of the species for medicinal properties. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Data were arranged per use category k and the ethno-botanic use value UV in each category was computed as the mean score given by all the informants in the considered category.

This chrysophyl,um may be related to the cultural link between the two investigated ethnic groups.


The normality and homogeneity of the use value were checked and non parametric tests were performed to assess significant differences related to gender, age and ethnic group. They were asked whether they knew and used C. Flavonoids and Tannins in fruits are important sources of natural antioxidants that chrysophyllm preferred over synthetic ones as they are less toxic [ 41 ].


The observed low moisture content could be due to the shielding effect of the freeze drying method over air drying method on the samples against rehydration by relative humidity in air [ 45 ].

Physicochemical studies on oils from five selected Nigerian plant seeds. As a result of the phytochemicals and essential nutrients in the form of soluble and insoluble fibers, starch, arabinose and mineral elements found in chrrysophyllum fruit skin of C. Some species of Chrysophyllum such as Chrysophyllum cainito is distinguished by its purplish outer skin and slightly purplish-white sweet edible pulp.

Chrysophyllum albidum – Wikipedia

The flavonoid precipitated was recovered by filtration using weighed filter paper. With regard to medicinal use, our findings revealed the specificity of the different plant parts in ailment curing.

II Statistical hypothesis tests with a new quantitative technique. Sugar contents of the edible parts of Chrysophyllum albidum fruit.

Benin, Ethnobotanical knowledge variation, Use category, Cheysophyllum species.


The mean number of larvae per fruit was determined for each market. There is evidence for a direct, independent link between sugar exposure and diabetes and increased access to sugar may explain part of the association between urbanisation and increased risk of type 2 diabetes [ 54 ].

The concentrated solution obtained was shaken vigorously with 10 ml of diethyl ether in a ml separating funnel; the aqueous layer was collected while the ether layer was discarded. The study also demonstrated that, the local current use of the species is not destructive i. Surveys were conducted for two years in seven fruits markets in Ibadan during the harvesting periods of C. An alkaloid isolated from seed cotyledon of Chrysophyllum albidum.


For instance, the physical, chemical and nutritional characterization of C. The fruits were bulked for each market, carried to the laboratory at the Federal College of Forestry Ibadan and were dissected to observe for larval presence. Feeding of xanthan gum to diabetic subjects have been shown to lower fasting and postload serum glucose levels and total plasma cholesterol [ 53 ]. However, the medicine and firewood use significantly depended on gender.

Retrieved 12 March Yinggeling, Hainan Island, China. The annual rainfall ranges from to mm with 82 to rain days. Research Article Open Access.

Consequences for species conservation and improvement. Escherich, Salmonella typhimurium Loeffler, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach [ 45 ]. This article has been cited by other chrysopgyllum in PMC. Similarly, significant differences were observed between age classes regarding the medicinal chysophyllum of C.

The species was less used as timber 2. Regulates the Blood Sugar Level Studies reveal that Chrysophyllum albidum local cherry fruit is essential for regulating the blood sugar level. The freeze dried edible parts of C.