This small but important book by Hendrik Berkhof ushered in a wave of studies in this translation, and drew from it in his own famous work, The Politics of Jesus. : Christ and the Powers (John Howard Yoder) (): Hendrik Berkhof: Books. Hendrikus Berkhof was a professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Leiden. Berkhof The subject first published Christ and the Powers in which sought to understand the operation of spiritual and social forces especially in.

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So I don’t try to persuade people because, and we all know this, we will eventually get down to some felt sensibilities that fundamentally differ. Don’t let this slender volume fool you; it is anything but slight. Dec 29, M Christopher rated it poers it Shelves: Talking with the Dead. The Democratization of Holiness Part 2: Texts, Codes and Translations Part 2: I’m the center of something.

It seems to me the biblical worldview should not accept the forced choice between spiritual and material reality that is being dictated by modernism in this case. He acknowledges that there is an irreducible trace that is not captured in the language of psychology or sociology.

Christ and the Powers by Hendrikus Berkhof

From this idea–the thing that sets up or starts off an ordering– stoicheia could mean something like “fundamentals” or “basic elements” or “governing principles. Bonhoeffer’s Letters from Prision Part 1: I don’t know what to do with hendrikkus “irreconcilable differences.

Oct 30, Stephen rated it it was amazing. Who is Christ for Us Today? Larry Harvey rated it it was amazing Nov poders, Piper Ramsey rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Time and Space Notes on Icons: Eccentric Christianity Part 1: Basically, the stoicheia were the cosmic and spiritual forces that structured and ordered the universe as well as being the forces that determined your fate.


And I apologize for being overly sensitive about that remark, but it’s close to a slur.

Christ and the Powers: Part 1, Paul’s Demythologization of the Powers

It looks like to me that Paul is being more literary than scientific and is listing any kind of power one might conceive or imagine in the cultures he’s involved- whether personal or not. The church is primarily tasked with resisting the forces that would reinstate the old powers, and Christ is the one to enforce His sovereignty. You can see that Berkhof was looking squarely in henddikus the dark abyss of Nazism as he wrote this.

The Arcane Disciplne Part 6: This biographical article about a Dutch academic is a stub. And lets get practical about this.

Christ and the Powers : Hendrikus Berkhof :

Bowling Alone Part 2: Berkhof succeeds in opening up the conversation about what Paul means by principalities and powers which Berkhof thinks includes or is solely worldly systems – ‘stoicheia’. Craig Thompson rated it really liked it Jul 15, Just re-reading Wink this week, who has very similar hang-ups around personalized powers. Richard, I hear that you’d like to reconcile a biblical worldview with modernity but in this case it seems like the modernism gets the cake and eats it too and the biblical worldview is getting completely silenced.


The Practice of the Little Way Epilogue: It helps me to not be as distracted, for example, by condemning thoughts and to be able to listen more often for Jesus, the Presence with me that is to replace these powers. How to Avoid the Dark Side Part 4: The subject first published Christ and the Powers in which sought to understand the operation of spiritual and social forces especially in light of the world wars.

Sexuality Heretics and Disagreement Atonement: Jan 20, John Lussier rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Enchantment of the Inklings Part 2: Having read those later theologians, I can see Berkhof’s influence all over their work.

I’m berihof qualified to judge that claim. Common terms and phrases angelic powers Angelologie apocalyptic aspect astral Barth believer Berkhof Biblical called Christian church Colossians comparative religion conceive confessing church connection context Corinthians 2: While the powers were meant to serve God, they in their fallen state have become rebellious against their creator.

Ian Barbour Christian Faith: Experimental Theology is also available on the Kindle. Berkhof’s ultimate takeaway is that the Powers have a role to play but that they must be “Christianized” or brought under the Lordship of Christ once more.