The new page catalogue is available in nine different languages and contains comprehensive data relating to over part numbers from the Transair . quality of the lacquer finish applied to Transair® aluminum pipe. 10 Year guarantee*. Parker Hannifin Corporation warrants its Transair® products to be free of. Transair® is the ideal solution for all compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and .. to bend Transair® aluminium pipe as described on page of this catalogue.

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HOSES Flexible hoses for compressed air and vacuum applications are regulated by different standards: ISO for under pressure applications and EN for vacuum. Parker Hannifin Group – Legris. On this diameter the constraints are higher: Aluminium piping systems are a relatively new technology and their use is becoming more and more frequent. A Green Building Council can issue an approval, in many cases, based on the following criteria: Aluminium will provide a more suitable solution to allow greater resistance and is easier to handle than traditional steel materials.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Cataloguue the catalog to page 5.

Beaumanor Fluid Power Products – Product – Transair Ringmain System Air & Vacuum Range

Open the catalog to page 1. The Transair specification document lists all requirements that a compressed air or vacuum system should meet in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.


Open the catalog to page 8. The stainless steel gripping ring is a main safety feature: Open the catalog to page 4.

Transair Quick Connection Piping : Air : Water : Gas Pipe

Conformity of the alloy is given by three different attributes which correspond to three different standards: Fibre glass reinforcement will increase impact resistance without increasing the weight. These standards determine the rules and the quality target in terms of performance and to fire resistance of the hoses.

Larger diameters require a more secure and stronger means of connection due to an increased force being applied. The manufacturer should be able to carry out a life cycle analysis on their aluminium pipework to ensure a lower environmental impact, especially for the largest diameter mm.

Open the catalog to page 6. Advanced pipe systems Aluminium range: It is important to list the certifications and guarantees that an aluminium pipework should have to ensure safe and efficient use.

BIM objects catalogues of the manufacturer PARKER TRANSAIR

Thanks to this feature the flow will not be adversely affected by rust. Therefore, the connection method should be adjusted to suit. On compressed air or vacuum networks the following aluminium alloy should be used: We recommend the use of a double clamp technology to ensure that the failure A compressed air system can be a large energy consumer. Similar to smaller diameters, the quality of the rubber seals will determine sealing integrity over time: Open the catalog to page 7.


The mechanical characteristics of this ring are dictated by the type of alloy used, since there are transaif grades of stainless steel. Open the catalog to page It does not mean, however that the system will be totally clean; fittings can cause the presence of plastic or metal particles, whilst Open the catalog to page 3.

PIPES Pipe is the main part of any system; major attention should be given to the quality of the pipe in order to guarantee safe and efficient use. The Transair Energy Efficiency Calculator evaluates the energy cost of your network and the return on investment from installing a Transair system. To ensure easy handling without affecting the performance on smaller diameters, the fittings should be made of high quality plastic.