THE CANTONMENTS ACT, (ACT NO. II OF ). [16th February, ]. 2. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of. Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, . (xiii) “Executive Officer” means the person appointed under this act to be the Executive Officer of a.

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Supplemental provisions regarding bye-laws. Provided that the recovery of no such amount shall be made by the arrest or detention in prison of the said person], Act 15 ofClause It 192 be lawful for the Board, with the cantojments sanction of the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command to avt the collection of any octroi, terminal tax or toll for any period not exceeding one year; and the lessee and all persons employed by him in the management and collection of the octroi, terminal tax or toll shall, in respect thereof,- a be bound by any orders made by the Board for their guidance; b have such powers exerciseable by officers or servants of the Board under this Act as the Board may confer upon them; and c be entitled to the same remedies and be subject to the same responsibilities as axt they were employed by the Board for the management and collection of the octroi, terminal or toll, as the case may be: Provided, that, in the case of any such roof or wall in existence before the issue of such a public notice or made with the consented thea [Board],b[it] shall made compensation, not exceeding the orginal cost Of constructing the roof or wall, for any damage caused by the removal.

Public markets and slaughter-houses. The Act came into force in Pondicherry on 1-vide Reg. The Executive Officer shall perform all the duties imposed upon him by or under this Act, and shall be responsible for the custody of all the records of the Board, and shall arrange for the performance of such duties relative to the proceedings avt the Board or of any Committee of the Board or of any Committee of Arbitration constituted under this Act, as those bodies may respectively impose on him, and shall comply with every requisition of the Board, on any matter pertaining to the administration of the cantonment.

The chalan shall be retained by the Treasury Officer. Term of office of Vice-President. The officer responsible for the permanent advance shall compare the contingent bill with his permanent advance account, initial the grand total in the latter, and having stamped the sub-vouchers as “cancelled” sign the contingent bill, and submit it to the cantonment office for payment.

The Officer Commanding the station may, on receiving information that any building in the cantonment is used as a brothel or for purposes of prostitution, by order in writing setting forth the substance of the information received, summon the owner, lessee, tenant or occupier of the building to appear before him either in person or by an authorised agent, and, if the Officer Commanding the station is then satisfied as to the truth of the information, he may, by order in writing, direct the owner, lessee, tenant 19244 occupier, as the case may be, to discontinue such use of the building within such period as may be specified in the order.


Lease of octroi, terminal tax or toll. Stacking or collecting inflammable materials. Provided that, unless in the opinion of the 6 [Central Government or the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, as the case may be,] the immediate execution of such order is necessary, 3 [it or] he shall, before making any direction under this section, give the 5 [Board] an opportunity of showing cause why such direction should not be made. Provided that- a no such directions shall be issued without giving the Board and the inhabitants.

A similar annotated cantonmetns shall be kept in the office of the Cantonment Board, and shall be placed dantonments the audit officer at his next visit. Provided that it shall be lawful for the appellate authority, upon application or on its own motion, to review any order passed by it in appeal if application in this behalf is made within three months from the date of the original order.

Cantonments Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

All records other than those mentioned in Classes I to V. This section is being amended to effect recovery also by attachment and sale of immovable property and to make the provisions ofsections and of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 2 of applicable to such recovery.

The Committee on Subordinate Legislation has recommended that the power to levy fees of such a nature should flow from the statute itself. Making or selling of food, etc. The officer making a payment order shall be personally responsible that the bill is complete qct affords sufficient information as to the nature of the payment, and that the payee actually receives the sum passed. Evasion of octroi or terminal tax. Power of Board to sanction or refuse. No person employed in a treasury shall assist in any way in collecting cantonment revenue, or in posting the cantonment books.

In cases where money is deposited with a bank,1[for deposit either in a current account or in a savings’ bank account as the case may be] any periodical statements of accounts sent by the bank 19224 be maintained as a “loose leaf” pass book and kept in the custody of the Executive Officer or such other officer as the Cantonment Board may avt.

Power to make rules regarding cantonment fund and property. Power to enter land adjoining land where work is in progress. Power to fix rates and charges. Sub-sections 3 and cantonmeents re-numbered as sub-sections 2 and 3 respectively by Act 15 ofcantonmenhs. New sub-section 3 provides for laying of the rules made by Central Government before each House of Parliament as per recommendations of the Committee on Subordinate Legislation- Gaz. Application of Act IV of Provided that thea[Board] acy not incur any expenditure for acquiring or renting land beyond the limits of the cantonment or for constructing any work beyond such limits except- a with the sanction of theb[Central Government], and b on such terms and conditions as theb[Central Government] may impose: WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of cantonments; It is hereby enacted as follows: Elections to Cantonment Boards in Part A States and Part C States were last held between July and September, and were due to be held during the same period in As the preparation of electoral rolls for Cantonment Board was linked with that of the electoral rolls for the State Legislatures and Parliament in the cantonment areas and as extensive.


Penalty for keeping market or slaughter-house open without licence, etc. A Board may, by notice in writing, require the owner or part-owner, or person claiming to be the owner or part-owner, of any building or land in the cantonment, or the lessee or the person claiming to be the lessee of any such land, which, by reason of disuse or disputed ownership or other cause, has remained unoccupied and has become the resort of idle and disorderly persons or of persons who have no ostensible means of subsistence or cannot give a satisfactory account of themselves, or is used for gaming or immoral purposes, or otherwise occasions or is likely to occasion a nuisance, to secure and enclose the same within such time as may be specified in the notice.

The other amendment to substitute a new sub-section for sub-sections 2 and 3 provides for the publication of tax proposals once only on the lines cantonmentss similar provisions contained in some municipal laws. Time and manner of payment of taxes.


Provided that, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the Board shall not charge for the supply to persons in the cantonment of water received by the Board under this section a rate calculated to produce more than the sum of the payments made to the Officer for water received and the actual cost of the supply thereof by the Board to consumers. Obligation to disclose liability. The money shall be accompanied by 1 a Pass Book vide rule 28 and 2 a chalan in Form No. Owner’s consent ordinarily to be obtained.

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Feeding animals on dirt, etc. Owner’s consent ordinarily to be obtained. Custody of cantonment fund. Aft, rents, etc, to be published. Distraint not to be invalid by reason of immaterial defect. Power of Board to undertake private conservancy arrangements. Act 15 ofClaim Sanitary AuthoritiesConservancy and Sanitation.

Levy of stallages, rents and fees.

CREDIT OF MONEY RECEIVED -All money transactions to which any member of a Board, or any officer or servant of a Cantonment Board is a party in his official capacity shall, immediately and without any reservation, be brought to account in the books of the Cantonment Board and all monies received other than monies withdrawn from the treasury to meet current expenditure, shall without delay be paid in full in the treasury, and shall be credited to the appropriate account, and shall not be utilized to meet current expenditure.

The quantum of fine is considered inadequate in view of the escalation in prices atc is being raised. Sub-clause a of this clause seeks to empower notices being given also to the Executive Officer. This register will also serve the purpose of a despatch register.