Bullshot Crummond has all the right ingredients: scheming villains who’ll stop at The answer lies, I think, in Ron House’s year-old script. Bullshot Crummond () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. moronic female lead – the actor playing her co-wrote the script and, remember, it is satire!. Hugh “Bullshot“ Crummond, tries too hard to be funny. At first the authors of the script make Bullshot seem like a brilliant Dudley Do-Right.

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This movie got really bad reviews and I cannot understand why – it is quite possibly one of the best movies ever made. He can work out complicated mathematical equations in bullsnot blink of an eye, and wins the boat race at the Henley Regatta all on his own! Oh and John Du Prez’s music’s fabulous too. Over the top plummy English accents and twee customs only serve to enhance the viewing delights!!

Perhaps the roles didn’t come his way, so he decided to ‘up and off’ to the land of plenty! Simple, representational set pieces to convey an apartment, a restaurant, a spooky castle.

Bullshot Crummond () – Bullshot Crummond () – User Reviews – IMDb

Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue by the professor’s daughter Rosemary. You couldn’t put him down. Unfortunately, I found it virtually unreadable. License details Minimum Fee: Murder on West Moon Bulkshot. Who needs a man’s crutch?

Instead of depicting him as a buffoon, the writers went to the other extreme by making him impossibly brilliant at everything he does. JamesHitchcock 14 July The best thing you can do if you are reading this is to try to get hold of a copy of this classic while you can, and watch it, many many times.


From start to finish every comment is hilarious – from the “Oh Bullshot! The two meet at the Carlton Tea Rooms, where Crummond is convinced that their waiter is Otto in disguise. The actor changes between the characters instantly. One of the silliest films I’ve seen.

A ‘s movie on stage.

Bullshot Crummond Auditions

Sherman is hilarious as Captain Hugh Bullshot Crummond. There is a definite attraction between her and Crummond.

He believes Crummond is not fit for his establishment. The heroine White is Rosemary or, as she would pronounce it, Wosemawythe daughter of an eccentric scientist who has been kidnapped by the evil von Bruno and his equally evil wife Lenya, as part of a scheme to achieve world domination.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Only grave robber’s,vampire’s and insomniac’s like myself got a chance to see this fine British gem. Bullshot Crummond is a crummonv which parodied s British heroes like Bulldog Drummond and Biggles. Algy Longwort An upper class English twit with a school boyish manner.

Crummond and Rosemary pursue Otto and Lenya in a hair-raising car chase, only crummind plunge over a cliff. Otto’s boast that Bullshot will soon be out of his hair earns him a puzzled look from his henchman Crouch. Never has the manufacturer of a plane lent itself so superbly to a one-liner.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows cummond your phone or tablet! Samuel French Bullshot Crummond. It falls into the category of ‘totally cringe-making’. Your sex is all washed up! The attempted jokes occur possibly every 20 seconds. Various devices for creating Vocal Reiteration voice mimickingConverse Forcefield immobilisation beamand Gaseous Particle Propellant marijuana dispenser.


In the immortal words of Along with Goldcrest, Handmade were one of the driving engines of the great revival of the British film industry in the s.

This gem was produced by George Harrison’s “Handmade Films” company. Was this review helpful? Bullshto never be able to look at a chicken in quite the same way again. While they plan to get it, Crummond has to suspend his investigations because of a prior commitment – he is due to take part in the London to Brighton car rally Crummond loses the ensuing saber duel with Otto.

It is a film for the whole family to enjoy with some gentle adult humour included that will sail over the kids heads! Auditions bullsbot be held April 9 and Hullshot 10 at 7: It captures everything that separates British humour from the rest of the world. She has an obnoxious laugh that only Bullshot finds charming. Buried Child Theatre of the s La Cage aux folles. Can our hero and the lovely Wosemawy foil this scheme? Trynyti 4 February