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The intention here is to enable the standing currents in a two-valve amplifier to be equalised, which is better done by variation of screen voltage than of control grid bias to individual valves. Several different transistors are shown in photo 4.

The four extra transistors on the additional board are simple inverters to interface the cmos with common-cathode bicolour l. They where current driven by pulse transformer.

The heart of it is an overcompensated driving a shunt stabiliser transistor, TR5. Although the D-type connector is usually associated with the strange world of RS and low digital voltages, the voltage ratihg of most D-type connectors is V dc or peak datssheet, and there have been no difficulties in using them to connect the screen supply transistors to the parent circuitry.

There are various devices which can be used in this design. The LED will blink when a good transistor is fitted to the circuit. Construction The printed circuit board carries the control logic, screen supply, bias supply and regulators for auxiliary supplies.

Switch off and replace and milliammeter with a link; reconnect the milliammeter across the link pins in channel A.


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Coming now to the bias supply, R43 is also a 2W component and is subject to the same comments as R52 and R50 above. Oct 17, 1 0.

Do you already have an account? When we turn the knob from its lowest position UBE gradually increases. Selecting the correct transistor for a circuit is based on the following characteristics: When there is no resistor, there is no current flow IB, and no Ic current. High power transistors are different from low-to-medium power, both in size and in shape.

With all alarms cleared, the ehv contactor output pin, pin 16, should go low after about 1min. The wiring between the transistors and the pcb should be kept reasonably short and direct, and screened multiway cable should be used.

Neither the control grid nor the screen grid of valves in the 4CX family should ever be allowed to float with no reference to cathode if damage is to be avoided.

New Jersey Semiconductor

Front view of the complete equipment There are various devices which can be used in this design. On transmit, C26 in the bias dataseet delays turn-on bu2208 the valve datashfet until both antenna and screen changeover relays have operated.

You can use them ok, but check the max current and power rating as they will probably be lower. Switch on and check the output voltage of both channels; it should be somewhere around V. They are used as amplifiers and switching devices.

The transistor and its associated components create a low frequency amplifier which amplifies the signal. Select a resistor whose value will cause about 30mA to flow when connected between the output of the reservoir capacitor and the output of one channel of the supply. Oct 18, 7. Fig 3 is the circuit of the bias supply.


When UBE reaches 0. Some multimeters have the option for measuring this, but most don’t.

The first stage should divide the ehv down to perhaps I0X0V, and should ideally have a zcner eatasheet of a suitable voltage rating in parallel with the lower resistor in the divider chain to limit the divider output voltage if the resistor fails open-circuit or loses its earth connection. In that case, probes should be reversed as well if you’re using analog instrument one with a needle.

Beside the values we mentioned, it is sometimes important to know the current amplification, and maximum frequency of operation. If an oscilloscope is available the stability and ripple rejection can be checked.

AEG BU Series Datasheets. BU, BU, BUD, BUA, BU Datasheet.

Connect a milliammeter between the link pins on the channel carrying the output reference, which is channel B the right-hand link of the pair on the pcb.

Note that the main rectifiers for both the screen supply and bias supply are both mounted on the pcb and, in the case of the latter, so is its reservoir datashwet. Nov 18, 1,