An international bestseller certain to appeal to fans of The Last Templar?the thrilling first book in a sweeping medieval trilogy On the eve of the. Robyn Young has worked as a creative writing teacher, financial advisor, folk Once I had the idea for Brethren, I read as many books as I could find on the. Brethren. Brethren Trilogy Book 1. By Robyn Young. Paperback. £ The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. The epic first novel in the.

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Again I am noting that the book is both fiction mixed with non-fiction, and the non-fiction part is what I am saying is accurate, the non-fiction part though I was not very keen about and did not really care for the characters or what was going brethrdn with them, but I like how everything was put together by the end of the book.

The Brethren Trilogy (Brethren) by Robyn Young

Do you agree with his methods? An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar. Moreover, Young’s depth of knowledge concering the era, the crusades, the Templars, the Mamluks, politics and so forth is overwhelming and obvious; I am now reading historical fiction precisely because I want to learn as I’m entertained, and Young does not disappoint. My teachers at university always said that to be a good writer you have to be a good reader.

Richly youbg and captivating Brethren is a novel written by Robyn Young set in the ninth and last crusade.

The Brethren Trilogy

As he struggles to survive in the harsh discipline of the Temple, Will must beethren to make sense of many things: I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Brethren as I hadn’t read a synopsis beforehand.

Apr 18, C. It seems that ever Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I have too many books to read which means that it takes me a while to get to them all. Exciting and enthralling, it gripped me from the first page and left me waiting anxiously for the next instalment — John Connolly. As the story builds to a crescendo, the two men’s destinies collide in an extraordinary clash of civilisations known as the Crusades.


Therefore if he told a lie, God would know and he would have been condemned to Hell. I find it impossibly hard to say who my favorite author b, or who my influences are.

What a load of absolute tripe. I don’t have the words! The history is intertwined perfectly with the fictional characters and the facts are very well based. While it does not rise to Game of Thrones type machinations, it is very, very, good intrigue with plenty of violence and leaving out the gratuitous sex.

Our Books See all Books. Reading is my temporary entry into another world within my mind that allows me a complete escape from the world around me- at least when I find a good author. A crackerjack story– showing both the viewpoints of the Crusaders and the Moslems. After hitchhiking to Brighton at 19, she worked as a festival organiser, a music promoter and a financial advisor.

The second and more significant reason the novel is worth reading is that Young seamlessly alternates between two enemies’ perspectives without villainizing or herofying anyone.

Her villains are dastardly and her young heroes are callow and long-suffering. I enjoyed it enough to start the second book in the trilogy. All in all this is a masterful debut and proof that great writing is possible from the get go! Daughter was Margarite who married the king of Scotland at age Meanwhile, the former slave Baybars Bundukdari and his army have taken over Egypt and Syria, and are planning a new Holy War to bring the Crusaders to their knees.

Following William Campbell from childhood as a sergeant in the Knights Templar to his succession to Knight, the story is engrossing with rich descriptions of locations and people. Young writes with remarkable accuracy, action-packed efficiency and gut-wrenching violence – Bretnren Times. Brethren is Robyn Young in training wheels.

Apr 14, Elaine rated it really liked it. Pierre de Pont Evesque Templars answered to the Pope alone and stood outside the laws of kings and courts. I don’t particularly find it amusing to read historical fiction books but I loved this book because actual events from history are also included.



The author appears to have done a really decent job of research and recreating the period. Grethren German Children’s Crusade also took place in The story begins two years after Brethren ends and is set entirely in the Holy Land. Besides the story which is all about the coming of age of two very powerful people, younv the side story which is about the mystery of a missing book, and the Knights Templars; the book has a lot to recommend it.

Insurrection Trilogy Book 3. The list really does go on. Those that survived pushed onto to Rome in Italy. Generation Next Oli White.

The Brethren Trilogy: Brethren, Crusade, Requiem by Robyn Young – Books – Hachette Australia

Meanwhile, a new star is rising in the east. Insurrection Renegade Kingdom Since the Knights Templar is a subject I know bt little about, and have an interest in, this book appealed to me. All of our paper waste Want to Read saving…. I’ve enjoyed books that haven’t been well written before.

Do the Christians have any right to youny Book 1 of the Brethren Trilogy Author s: Sep 04, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: Robyn Young has worked as a creative writing teacher, financial advisor, folk singer, and music festival organizer, and has traveled extensively robun Europe and Egypt. I did find the book a long one to go at, I have to say, not that it was a problem.

Why or why not?