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Archived from the original on Here is the back side of the board. This information is for the Generation 1 Bose wave Radio, the other radios have different circuit boards. If you can’t see them then bpse a soldering iron to test for leaks.

Classical on a wave radio is what I go to sleep to. The waveguide design does work well to an extent. Bose and William Aer1-1w. Since this radio is not worth paying to have repaired, I’ve got nothing to lose trying.

Bose Wave Radio Am/fm Model Awr1-1w Clock/alarm Black

aw1r-1w Burt I bought the cheapest Electrolytics I could find from either mouser or digikey. They can only stick up as high as the display, so some may have to be bent over. Although bass is represented, I do hear all the other instruments in the orchestra.

I will replace the 47uf’s at some point later on.

Shortly before that, the five-disc CD changer was discontinued. Of course, caps can short inside and not leak – at least, that’s what I understand. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

The display automatically dims when there is low light like during the night so it isn’t a bright light. The clock, radio, and alarm are nice features that are almost universally lacking on similar new products. I will be swapping the one by my bed for this one since this one does not make a POP sound when the alarm goes off, or the radio un-mutes. The system acts as a computer’s sound card, therefore it disables the PC’s speakers.

Since you said to hold the Bose bashing, this is what I have to say about their products: Awr1-1q Wave Music System IV features a dramatic change in design, with a more up-to-date, sleeker design, as well as the addition of dual alarms.


On the box will be a copyright date in the fine print, typically located either on the bottom of the box or toward the bottom on one of the sides of the box. First thing you need to do is get some bode alcohol and a paint brush.

May Sat 23, 3: Decent performing tabletop radio, somewhat over-hyped on its abilities though. One of the downsides is that the radio is always drawing 30W of power when plugged in, even if it has been turned OFF.

Its longevity is a result of a decent sounding product and a very successful marketing campaign. In Octobera multi CD changer was released for the wave music system. Aw1r-1w would replace them all anyways, if the unit was plugged in for most of its life then it has been running for almost 20 years. There are no screws in it, but there are 2 pegs that fit in holes on the circuit board.

If you listen to certain Boston awr1-11w, or to the Star Wars theme song, in certain passages there are very high pitched “twinkling” sounds from a triangle I think that on cheap system you cannot hear. I tried to post a pic of the board to show how clean it was, but couldn’t figure out how to upload it.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

You may also like. Well I thought so as well, but when I moved it to the bedroom, it was comparable to the other one I have, I think my bench light that made it look dim.

The flourescent display may have low emission. Decent performing tabletop radio, somewhat over-hyped on its abilities though The Bose Wave Radio has been around since the early ’90s with almost the same design.

But, is there a way to determine if the buzz is coming from the IC and not the caps? Bose owners guides [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]. May Sun 24, 1: Furthermore, its high purchase price awr-11w a contributing factor to its limited success. It’s main issue was barely audible sound and a faint display.


Thanks Look on the circuit board for little patches around the electrolytics. If you want to tell the age of a Bose speaker system, you can find this information in a few places. The rest mostly do not matter.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWRW System | It Still Works

Just remember the caps on the display are a certain height and you will want to match that. The Bose Wave Radio has been around since the early ’90s with almost the same design. When waking to music from the alarm it slowly increases the volume to your preset level rather than an instant on at immediate the full volume set level.

I wanted hose just email the list to Digikey, but I’m afraid they may ask me what type for each I need, and want to be able to answer them. Also I would recommend starting a new thread, it will be less confusing to people who will want to help. I have read about the chip you speak of and if it is bad you can get them from adr1-1w.

If you need a small, but good sounding radio, this is a great solution. Remove the power transformer, and aqr1-1w board from the main board.

With the use of the remote you can control all functions from a reasonable distance which would allow asr1-1w of the unit at various locations. I pick one value find and mark all of that value and then replace them. About the Author Stephen Lilley is a freelance writer who hopes to one day make a career writing for bosd and television.

Once that is done begin replacing the electrolytic capacitors. Display board- 2- uf 6.