The Egyptian Amduat: The Book of the Hidden Chamber [Erik Hornung] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the Amduat, the night- journey. Book of the Am-Tuat, Budge tr. at The Book of the Amduat was called by the Egyptians ‘The Book of the Secret Chamber’ and was a knowledge oriented book. Additionally, it is the first completely.

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All figures face right, underlining the renewed dynamics. Illuminate thick darkness, that the flesh may live amduaat be renewed by it! Invisible and imperceptible is this secret image of the land which bears the flesh of this god. It is a sort of abstract or summary, listing important names and adding further remarks on the usefulness of the book. The Ba-soul of Re assumes the death posture, and “becomes” Osiris as the corpse of Re.

Apparently, too much Solar power cannot work.

There is no single barque of the Sungod. The four boats boik four functional states of Re: Open wide your gateways for me! Nun and Naunet, Hehu and Hehut, emerge at this cavern at the birth of this great god, that he goes forth from the Duat, places himself in the day-bark, and appears from the thighs of Nut.

Whoever knows this image of the mysterious ways of Rosetau, the unapproachable paths of the Imhet, the hidden gates which are in boook land of Sokar-upon-his-sand, is one who will eat bread besides the living in the temple of Atum. It meant that what belonged to him was put in Rosetau.


The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber

Wadjet is the Single Eye of the supreme, self-created high god of before creation, namely Atum, turned into a cobra. As a Ba-soul Re boo, the night, knowing his way in the darkness of the night to his rebirth at dawn.

The stages of this process run parallel with the three phases identified earlier as the three stages of the Upper Paleolithic cave mysteries: The creator-god has exhausted himself and needs a procedure to amdkat. Netherworldly gates are found as early as the Pyramid Texts in the Pyramid of Khufu, the two shafts in the Ka-chamber, used in the ascent of Pharaoh to the sky, are sealed with doors bearing copper handles.

Registered in their names, known in pf bodies and carved in their forms are the hours, mysterious in their state, without amduatt secret image of the Duat being known by any person. Treatise of the Hidden Chamber, the positions of the Ba-souls, the gods, the shadows, the Akh-spirits, and what is done. Ancient Egyptian funerary texts. The Sungod’s Journey through the Netherworld: There is no “final restoration” or “apokatastasis” Clemens of Alexandria, Originand the Devil is for all of eternity separated from God, locked away in his hells.

We now see seven males and seven females pulling the barque a,duat place of the four in the previous hour. In the 4th Hour, the serpent was only a vessel, but now, after what happened in the 6th Hour, it is personally related to Re. The nocturnal journey of the Sun is divided in 12 gates “sebekhet”depicted at the end of each hour. This evil inimical to life itself is bokk by the controlled “evil side” of creation i.


The Egyptian Book of Gates. An interesting one, pointing to neurotheology, depth-psychology and spiritual practice.

The process of time is circular, beginning and end touch. In the seventh hour the serpent Apopis, who attempts to impede the way of the barque, is seen being dismembered and restrained by Isis and Seth. Magic is needed to deal with them cf.

Amduat – Wikipedia

As well as enumerating and naming the inhabitants of the Duatboth good and bad, the illustrations of the work show clearly the topography of the underworld. As Re was renewed by Osiris, Osiris was renewed by Re.

Lunar magic was dark and bound to the netherworld or Duat, and therefore fundamentally rooted in Nunthe everlasting ground of existence. Without him, they slumber.