Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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The Kala Cakra extends thus far. To make clear the concept and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described in Bhugola Varnanam by Sri Vadiraja Tirtha to such readers who do not know Sanskrit. But the Supreme Spirit is only the witnessing Master permitting varnnanam other spirits to go through experiences.

Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Vedic literatures, on the other ” hand, presents a clear scientific account of facts. On the occasions of eclipses, the sun and the moon face each other, moving as they do on their own paths. That they go down and come up has been stated by Sri Vyasa maharshi, the author of Brahma Sutras. This period lasted for crore human years. To elucidate this concept and details in terms of modern knowledge on this subject. How and why people believe in such an ‘ism’ is ununderstandable.

Bbhugola opposite to Samyamanipura there is the city of Alakavati, where Kubera is the King].

The causation bodies of all of them are got rid off; and then they get into the inner city, Ayodhya. Therefore, modern screntists should take it as a guide to continue their enquiry furthur Sri Bhuhola.

Thus, 98 lakh yojanas are distributed leaving a balance of 2 lakh yojanas. He is almost as good as the th, Vayu, and during this, his period of probation, he engage’s himself in the activities of Brahma and Vayu, of course, with their co-operation. varrnanam

He is the sustaining and consu- ming Lord of the universe. He would not notice this retardation because his watch would slow down in the same degree. Raghunandan, a young and brilliant scho- lar well-versed in modern science and in the traditional sastras.


They are the third kind of souls who are doomed to suffer in the eternal hells. Do you believe that such a thing as that exists? As the author himself says, “This paper reviews this work of Vadira jaswamy”.

Sri Vadiraja tirtha, the author of Bhugola Varnanam, was one such great seer of mystic powers. This, multiplied bygives a figure of crore years. He has also said that the astronauts must have reached only a nearer planet like Rahu. He also said that much before Newton put forth his famous theory of gravitational pull, the Indian scriptures had spoken of it.

Its experimental method is only one way of scientific enquiry. They must accept the fact that our ancient seers were more close to Nature and had different methods of enquiry other than the present day experimental method But their conclusions are stil ‘ available in our ancient literature and we must try to find the clues to understand them.

Have the scientists found at vvarnanam one more solar system within our own ‘galaxy’? It is bhugopa in width. Two lakh yojanas above Jupiter is ‘SanaiscaraSaturn. With reference to its boundary mountain ISringavan, this Varsa also has an extent of yoja- nas. Such indeed is ‘Apta Vakya’, the word of a reliable person – one who is well- informed, discerning and has no intention to cheat others.

His Holiness Sri Vi’swesatxrtha swamlji of Pejawar mutt, who blessed the seminar with his holy presence, supported prof.

Those who plead for divine mercy for one and all are only the kind-hearted good souls; it is not the demons themselves. The earth takes 5 hundred, the dark region 10, and Ghanodaka All the lokas are contained within this range. He prefers the yojana measure as being equal to six miles as it satisfies the pura- nic figures to be in agreement with actual measurements.

Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy

It’s inadequate, it’s dry, it’s offensive. Since the hard earth extends downward, upto where it finds support on Adi Sesa’s head, the hells, which are in line with the directional elephants, are naturally above Ghanodaka and below the surface of the visible earth. Thus they occupy a total area of 70, yojanas.

Clining to that method and rejecting all else is not wisdom at all. Srxni visa Iyengar, said that the experimental method was not the only means to knowledge and that the scientists should come forward to under- stand Vedic truths.


The grand-old-sire, Bhismacarya, pointed out at Sri Krsna sitting with the Pandavas before him as he himself lay resting upon the bed of arrows, and said to Dharmaraya, “the events of this world are all ordered by the Time factor and that is no other than the charming personality of Krsna sitting before us. It is in agreement with what is said in Srlmad Bhagavatam, stating that the Sun keeps the Meru mountain both to his right and to his left as he moves upon the Varnannam Cakra in the same direction.

Even now men vaenanam see them. There are four supporting mountains on each of the four sides around the base.

Bhugola Varnanam

If we look into our ancient books it will be clear that our writers haa become familiar long long ago with the secrets of nature discovered by modern scientists We may see that our ancient astronomers had spoken about the gravitational force in their own way even before Newton discovered it Our sages had seen many things which are beyond the scope of modern scientific instruments At present, there appears to be a great gulf between what our ancient texts declare and what the modern discoverers think bhuvola the details of Bugola, But, if the eastern pandits and the western class of scientits bhugpla together to hold critical discussions, it will held the world to find new light and to form a decisively correct pictuie of the universe And it may also help us to understand the true import of our ancient texts.

Sri Badarayana setting his bias should embark on a study of the various varnanzm books by different authors to understand the original picture instead of sticking to the age old imaginary theories. Therefore, it is at an altitude of 8,12,50, yojanas above the earth. Padma Nagaraj quotes the words of Sri M.