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The google trick with Silicon Chip doesn’t work for me anymore, I think they may have fixed the bug. Hi audio, I think before moving on I should see the datasheet of BH I tried on google but surprisingly didn’t get to one If u have found it’s datasheet plz supply me the link Silicon Micromitter IC is surface mount: I know using IC will make it easy,but I think that not using IC will help in understanding many concepts Anyway, I would like to see the BH dataheet Here is a pretty good article about the theory of FM stereo with some links at the bottom about Rohm’s older ICs: I am going through the article What does this mean??

FM02 help sound is horrible [Archive] – Do It Yourself Christmas Forums

Audio,I’m really not getting what is going on Is this due to Is there something to be done with PLL??? I was searching about the stereo encoders and got this Well it uses the crystal About RF section,I’m absolutely not clear about what u r pointing at I was unable to attach the crkt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but i can’t attach it and u know the reason I am also confused about Rohm’s new FM stereo transmitter ICs because their datasheets don’t have any details.

They all appear to use a 7. The stereo encoder circuit that you posted from Telkomsa has an inaccurate oscillator, is missing pre-emphasis treble boost for both inputs and very sharp lowpass filters.


Datadheet new ICs have them. Your latest post at Renaud is for an RDS encoder. I didn’t see a stereo encoder there. Well Audio, I was reading some articles to understand the functioning VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator – An oscillator whose output frequency can be changed by adjusting a variable inductor or variable capacitor.

VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator – An oscillator whose output frequency is controlled or changed by an application of external voltage. VCO uses varicap diode that changes the capacitance as different levels of voltage are applied.

PLL Phase Locked Loop – A circuit that synchronizes a frequency of VCO with a frequency of a reference oscillator by using a comparison of phase between the two signals. PLL takes a frequency of VCO, divides it into a lower frequency which can be compared with a stable reference oscillator. Then amplifiers datashset used to send an appropriate voltage back to the VCO to keep the desired frequency stable.

Crystal Oscillator – Oscillator that uses a crystal to generate a frequency.

Which one is preferred in which conditions If I’m right the transmitter crkt is based on VCO Is this crkt going to give me nothing or is it worth trying?

Can I transmit voice with a stereo transmitter??? I started this topic without any knowledge about transmitters Thanx for you helping. Actually,I know it will be a lot easier to use Bh ic It will help in understandings much Audio,many questions coming in my mind If a crystal controlled transmitter may be used,then will it get better?

An FM transmitter needs a mono audio signal or a composite stereo signal for an input. A mono audio signal can be from a microphone and most FM transmitter circuits have enough gain for a microphone. Stereo inputs to the stereo encoder can be from a CD player or an MP3 player.


The stereo encoder should have pre-emphasis and sharp lowpass filters.

ROHM Co. BH Datasheet.

It must have an accurate crystal oscillator. The FM transmitter will have excellent frequency stability if it uses a Phase-Locked-Loop circuit that has a crystal oscillator as its reference. For good stereo, the audio frequency response of the FM transmitter must be flat to 53kHz.

And what about renaud stereocoder I think for good results ,the crkt might become complicated? Harry’s stereo coder is very crude like he says.

It does not have enough pre-emphasis and has no filtering whatsoever. Without filtering, harmonics of audio will heterodyne with the 19kHz pilot and with the lower 38kHz sideband frequencies and create whistles in the sound. His choice of an LM opamp is poor because it has difficulty operating above 5kHz and has crossover distortion. Harry’s crystal FM transmitter might be good. It uses a Plessey IC that might be difficult to purchase. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

【BH1415 ROHM】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

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Posted April 30, As far as the datasheet is concerned, I have found it Posted Datadheet 1, Hi Audio, I found the Stereo coder at the bottom The stereo coder uses a lot of parts, doesn’t it?

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