In “Architecture and Disjunction,” a collection of essays, Bernard Tschumi, the dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and. Available in: Paperback. Avant-garde theorist and architect Bernard Tschumi is equally well known for his writing and his practice. Architecture. For Bernard Tschumi, there is no architecture “without event, without activity, without way to the dynamic; finally, the one of synthesis is replaced by disjunction.

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Want to Read saving…. Under Tschumi, architecture schintillates in a magnificent, engrossing supernova integration critical theory, literature, art, deconstruction, archetype, sociolinguistics, Bataille’s erotic sublime.

Bernard Tschumi

Account Options Sign in. I would like to associate it with the notion of shock, a shock that in order to be effective in our mediated culture, in our culture of images, must go beyond Walter Benjamin’s definition and combine the idea of function or action with that of image. anf

Sep 15, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-reference Shelves: Such a concept is quite different from the project of the modern movement, which sought the affirmation of certainties in a unified utopia as opposed to our current questioning of multiple, fragmented, dislocated terrains.

He argues for focusing on our immediate cultural situation, which arhitecture distinguished by a new postindustrial “unhomeliness” reflected in the ad hoc erection of buildings with multipurpose program s. You may think I’m being facetious, but in today’s world where railway stations become museums and churches become nightclubs, a point is being made: He argues for focusing on our immediate cultural situation, which is distinguished by a new postindustrial “unhomeliness” reflected in the ad hoc erection of buildings with multipurpose programs.

We have also seen that diwjunction shock goes against the nostalgia of permanence or authority, whether it is in culture in general or architecture in particular. In our era of reproduction, we have seen how the conventional construction techniques of frame and skin corresponded to the superficiality and precariousness of media culture, and how a constant expansion of change was necessary to satisfy the often banal needs of the media.


The architect is not meant to question structure. Avant-garde theorist and architect Archktecture Tschumi is equally well known for his writing and his practice. Good book, a little dated, but interesting with important projects. The increase in change and superficiality also means a weakening of architecture as a form of domination, power, and authority, as it historically has been in the last six thousand years.

I really like an essay in this book called “The Pleasure of Architecture,” written in To quote Leon Battista Alberti: Architecture is not about the conditions of design, but about the design of conditions that will dislocate the most traditional and regressive aspects of our society and simultaneously reorganize these elements in the most liberating way, where our experience becomes the experience of events organized and strategized through architecture.

Architecture and Disjunction – Bernard Tschumi – Google Books

By understanding the nature of our contemporary circumstances and the media processes that accompany them, architects possess the possibility of constructing conditions that will create a new city and new relationships between spaces and events. Bader Alshawaf rated it really liked it Aug 02, Tschumi has gathered all of the pristine and untouchable facets of a traditional architectural form and theory, turning his piercing and intense beam of light upon their crystalline surfaces until they shatter.

Just as there is a logic of words or of drawings, there is a logic of materials, and they are not the same. Marga Bauza rated it really liked it Mar 10, Bob rated it it arhitecture amazing Nov 27, How to Write a Thesis Umberto Eco.

Caufield rated it really liked it Jun 15, We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Abd our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. After all, deconstruction is anti-form, anti-hierarchy, anti-structure, the opposite of all that architecture stands for.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Tschumii columns that diisjunction not touch the ground are not structural, they are ornament. The condition of New York and the chaos of Tokyo are thus perceived as legitimate urban forms. Contents The Architectural Paradox.


Remember me on this computer. Architecture and Disjunction, which brings together Tschumi’s essays from tois a lucid and provocative analysis of many of the key issues that have engaged architectural discourse over the past two decades — from deconstructive theory to recent concerns with the notions of event and program.

In the public eye, architecture is about comfort, about shelter, about bricks and mortar. Speculative Everything Anthony Dunne.

Lists with This Book. I would like to point out that Benjamin’s analysis corresponds exactly to the historical and philosophical dilemma of architecture. Still, for over a century, and especially in the past twenty years, we have seen the beginning of such questioning.

The Moment of Complexity: For one architect it had to do with dissimulation, for another, with fragmentation; for yet another, with displacement. It also will not happen by simply commenting, through design, on the various dislocations and uncertainties of our contemporary condition.

Zizek’s Jokes Slavoj Zizek. We find superimposition used quite remarkably in Peter Eisenman’s work, where the overlays for his Romeo and Juliet project pushed literary and philosophical parallels to extremes. Included are a number of seminal essays that incited broad attention when they first appeared in magazines and journals, as well as more recent and topical texts.

Touhidul Islam Moulik rated it liked it Nov 10, Yet if I was to examine both my own work of this time and that of my colleagues, I would say that both grew out of a critique of architecture, of the nature of architecture.

Dining function in the Rotunda form is not quite equivalent to reading or swimming in it. Their confrontations and combinations of elements may provide us with the event, the shock, that I hope will make the architecture of our cities a turning point in culture and society.