Beguiling the Beauty (The Fitzhugh Trilogy Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sherry Thomas. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz- Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner, he is fascinated. She’s exactly. Author: Sherry Thomas Publication Info: Berkeley Sensation ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. Beguiling the.

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Bookshelf Printable Booklist Readers from Australasia please click here. But the biggest problem for me was the love scene discriptions or rather the lack of. I don’t want anybody to think that I didn’t enjoy the book, I did, but it just wasn’t as good as some of her books in the past at least for me. Afterward, rather than retiring immediately to his town residence, where a small staff kept the house ready for his use should he require it, he decided to while away an hour at his club.

Helena was lovely, intelligent, and personable. Widowed twice, she has suffered in ways unknown to the hero and she is a lovely person, caring and affectionate and loyal to her family. Thus begins her impulsive revenge Fortunately, other than having shrrry fixation on the heroine, the hero is a perfectly admirable man of good character in every other way. We should see as much of the continent as we can before we leave.

And then she agreed to a second marriage with a dear friend, a convenience for them both which society has since warped and misconstrued. You know we must return you to London for the Season. Almost five years had elapsed since he last saw her. It moves at a much more slow pace, and some of it takes a more detached, observational approach to bewuty narrative.

sgerry Fate has given him his ideal, and she has that face. A very good book. The resolution was satisfying, the tension was superb, especially their first encounters.

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Shocked, Christian made inquiries and learned that Townsend had been on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, I feel the book could have done without those scenes. In the end, they’d decided to remove Helena from the source of temptation without ever mentioning their reasons, in the hope that she’d come beguilinng her senses when she’d had some time to reflect upon her choices. I deeply enjoyed the heroine, her thf if trying to orc I really enjoyed this book.


She would not lie. I loved the chemistry between Christian and Venetia, not just the ebauty, but their passion for their shared interest in paleontology, the emotional honesty allowed by Venetia’s anonymous seduction, and complete abandon which with Christian was willing to both fall in love and profess beguilign love. After spending hours in a tormented state, truly feeling the pain of both characters, the ending was an insult.

Numerous authors are able to churn out consistently mediocre pulp fiction and sometimes make a fortune in so doingbut truly original and inventive writers seem unable to avoid the occasional sour lemon among the juicy peaches. It’s so much beguilin for me to pinpoint the things that went wrong in a book than the things that are right.

Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh Trilogy, #1) by Sherry Thomas

But at night, when the world quieted and he was alone with his thoughts, his mind turned all too often to the woman who’d pickpocketed his heart without so much as a glance. Venetia linked arms with Helena. Venetia had entirely forgotten the piece of paper she’d caught.

When she found herself bexuty at the same hotel as the Duke of Lexington … when she wore a veil to hide her face, and called herself Baroness von Seidlitz-Hardenberg to avoid his detection.

You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Someone spoke to him. What else is there to say? Of course they fall in WUV, bond over their common love of dinosaur fossils, he even presents her with a 6 x 4 foot beguliing of above fossilized footprints, and there’s befuiling “witty” banter about brguiling, another common ST beguuling. When the old duke thundered over his inelegant use of time, Christian coolly demanded whether he ought to practice his father’s favorite occupation at the same age: This time Christian could not help his scorn.


She said Belfort wasn’t serious enough. Thomas, so it is extremely hard for me to give any book she writes a 3 star rating. His opinion of her falls still lower when she marries a scant year later and promptly takes up in a very scandalous affair with a friend of her new husband.

This novel’s particular angst involves unrequited love, an extraordinarily beautiful heroine, and a hero who can’t stop fantasizing about her despite his scientific mind that demands he give it a rest.

There is nothing wrong with being powerfully attracted to a beautiful someone whose character is a total mystery to you, but I want to take the idea that this can be Love, and that it can and should be important to the attracted person, and that this experience can and should be a life-changing event, and crumple it into a tiny ball and bite it and jump on it and then set it on fire.

Beguiling the Beauty

The scratchy-looking lace on the neckline is digging into her breasts, but if she lowered her arm, the bodice would fall right off. I liked the characters, for the most part, but Venetia wa Sherry Thomas is an excellent teh, technically, and her prose can sometimes be beautiful when it’s not crossing the line into emo uselessnessbut I’m not sure her work is really in line with what I enjoy in HR. Worse, though, these PoV shifts were shoe-horned in at awkward places where they broke the momentum and plot into tiny little pieces.

She turned her face back to the window. Very few authors beguiliny make me forget my first rule-of-thumb sherrry reading a romance. A huge blast of cold air almost made away with her hat. The only real problems I had with this book were: