Still from the film adaptation of Beau Geste, starring (from left) Ray Milland ( as John Geste), Gary Cooper (Beau Geste), and Robert Preston (Digby Geste). : Beau Geste (): Percival Christopher Wren: Books. Beau Geste (Wordsworth Collection) [P. C. Wren] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three noble English brothers battle a sadistic sergeant.

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May 31, Robert Hays rated it it was amazing. Besides, he was bareheaded.

Beau Geste | novel by Wren |

If I were to be shot, I should at least be saved the unpleasantness of reporting that my men had mutinied, and I should die in the knowledge that I had done my duty. That is related to the other tendency. There’s also a “ghost baeu populated with dead men, a childhood spent blowing up toys, ancient ruins, heroic last stands, and cowboys versus bandits ggeste the desert.

All who were not on the duty of outposts-by-night slept, and I strolled silently round and round the oasis, waiting for the first hint of sunrise and thinking over the incredible events of that marvellous day–certainly unique in my fairly wide experience of hectic days. Mysteriously, they receive no greeting from the soldiers lining every parapet.

But for Ffolliot, he believed, his unswerving faithful devotion would then get its reward. The opening pages of third-person narrative belong to a British officer in the Nigerian Civil Service–again, God bless Empire, apparently–who from an old friend in the French military hears the tale of coming upon the fort and its mysteries.

Beau Geste – Wikipedia

And, his old one agreeing, they once wfen dropped the subject of Beau Geste, the “Blue Water,” Zinderneuf, and its secret.

The fellow who propped those corpses up may have been shot in the act, and be lying up there, or on his cot,’ and I bade the trumpeter cease.

Have you ever seen a man drive a bayonet through his heart, my friend? Between and he also worked with the Educational Inspectorate for Sind and lectured at a teachers’ training college. See 2 questions about Beau Gesteā€¦. But probably I was not as surprised as you are now. Or, as I say, the officer may have been dead the whole time, or part of it, and the last survivor may have had this last work cut short by a bullet, before he had put the man in position.


Their statement and the inevitable airs of superiority which they would give themselves, might well counteract Rastignac’s influence and their superstitious fears. And what do you think I found there, my friend? It was he–a very handsome fellow too–who had given me my first shock and brought it home to my wondering mind that the men who watched me were all dead. They leapt to the eye immediately. In that brooding heavy silence a revolver fired on that open roof would have sounded like a seventy-five.

I loved it and am planning to read it to my boys as soon as I think they can tolerate the language. Why this tomb-like, charnel-house, inhuman silence and immobility? The Geste brothers are orphans and have been brought up by their aunt Lady Patricia at Brandon Abbas. From the twentieth century onwards, education spread to the masses and became less literary and classical.

Any more than you can see a bullet, witty one,” rebuked de Beaujolais. Fancy the builders of the new fort, and the garrison!

Beau Geste

I have word and there are these downloads free from Microsoft that you can download so that you can translate in to many different languages.

And had it by chance, or skill of the thrower, penetrated the heart of the Commandant of the garrison? Emerging from the shrubbery, crossing a rose-garden, some lawn-tennis courts, and a daisy-pied stretch of cedar-studded sward, the pair entered a wood, followed a path beneath enormous elms and beeches, and came out on to a square of velvet turf. The “Blue Water” is stolen one evening and only 8 people were present at the time who could have stolen it: I would have liked sections on courtesy, hope, and service, for instance.

You would face a long and a daunting task to find them. They are to other infantry what my Spahis are to other cavalry. In the case of popular novels written before the twentieth century, we often see the works as stiff and stilted. No–you do not want to hear those perfectly futile theories–those explanations that explained nothing.


Wren’s obituaries refer to earlier service with the Poona Volunteer Rifles but this reflects confusion with another officer of the same name. Might not the caserne, rooms, offices, sheds, be packed with them?

Would a double line of rifles rise and level themselves at my breast, or would that escouade, upon whom everything depended, move off like a machine and enter the fort? Read Greenmantle or She and it’s so good you want more now, and not just the well-known ggeste such as Prester John and King Solomon’s Mines, but the many more less well known: And as the train rumbled on through the sweltering coast-lands toward Lagos, Sren de Beaujolais, highly pleased with the success of his neat and clever geshe coup, continued his story.

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And into the ensuing silence he slowly and deliberately dropped the words, ” By Michael Geste! Nothing seemed to have changed in those two and a half decades since she had come here, a bride, and he had visited her after seven years of exile.

The Sergeant-Major and the half-dozen or so of legionaries came out on to the roof.

Was it a trap after all? It is the only one. But that part isn’t very long, and then you get into the story of the three Geste boys and the action picks up. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. There wasn’t so much as the smell of an Arab for miles.

Might not the Arabs be hiding wrej, waiting their opportunity to catch the relieving force unawares? And, Nom d’un nom d’nom de bon Dieu de sort! At every embrasure of the breast-high parapet round the flat roof stood a soldier, staring out across the desert, and most of them staring along their levelled rifles too; some of them straight at me.