This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser AD (“Battlecruiser A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser AD version , the final. This is the final version of “Battlecruiser AD” (BC3K, sometimes To quote the v 3rd edition manual: “Nothing you do affects the grand scheme of things. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development . I pay for the cost of goods, including the boxes and manuals.”.

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Earlier versions of Battlecruiser AD are similar to v2. Later releases prior to v2. This FAQ does not aim to repeat information given in the documentation accompanying v2.

Similarly it does not address questions related to the plethora of bugs and missing features in the earlier versions. BC3K was is possibly the most complex thing ever conceived millenihm a computer game. As Chuck Smith comments: Much of its alleged underlying technology was questioned by some writers.

Global events occur regardless of how the player performs millneium missions. To quote the v2. Aside from its initial un-play-ability, the design of BC3K and more recently the Battlecruiser series as a whole continues to spark debate.

In the eyes of many, there is no game here at all: BC3K is simply a universe simulation devoid of gameplay. And then some players enjoy it. The manual had a somewhat mythical, highly contentious status for many months following release. Mmanual were unable to complete the product and, thus, the manual fell victim to vaporware. Take 2 offered to distribute these in October On the manual Take 2 shipped with the game, Smart writes usenet, December Batt,ecruiser it really take ten years to develop?


Tell me some history… below. The lack of documentation became a focus for much of the bitter dispute surrounding the release of BC3K.

Smart had requested the help of fans in producing a manual immediately following release source — AOL postingsbut later preferred to write it himself. GameTek included a tutorial for the first ACM mission at the start of their manual, which is something that the later Smart manuals avoid. Usenet posts of the time suggest that these were entirely written by GameTek, however much of the other text is shared with the Smart manuals. The later are structured like operating manuals, rather than guides.

By the time the final series of complete manuals appeared, the walkthrough appendix had been dropped. The tips file never developed further, and eventually disappeared from the documentation.

In January the planned tutorial for BC3K was finally dropped in favour of a future tutorial for Battlecruiser Millennium. Daniel Moritz part-wrote an in-game training script for BC3K, but it was not completed, and I cannot find a copy of it.

BC3K is hard to research.

Battlecruiser Millennium

A lot has been written about the game, but very little transpires to relate to BC3K v2. So, why am I writing this?

Some have questioned my insanity, but… Mwnual is a fascinating bit of software. Intriguing in concept; almost impenetrable in practice. Where most games will occasionally stump players in the minutiae of gameplay, BC3K stumps them at every turn. What little knowledge that does exist is fast disappearing, and very soon BC3K will mean nothing more than its development history, which is close to a legend battlceruiser.


As a set of operating instructions, the final manual is in many ways excellent.

But BC3K is still in dire need of a guide to play, to battlexruiser those operating instructions. That is primarily what this FAQ aims to provide. It fails, of course. All it does is help expose what lies under that impenetrability. You will still need to try and find a game down there yourself. This FAQ was written by Tim Howgego also known as timskicopyrightunless otherwise stated. This FAQ draws on material posted on usenet primarily comp.

You may copy and manusl this FAQ, but the content of the document, including the credits, must remain unchanged. Informing the author that you are hosting it is appreciated, but not mandatory. Ensuring you host the most recent version is also appreciated, but not mandatory. Other trademarks and copyright are owned by their respective milllenium and copyright holders. This is not an official FAQ.

This is version 1.

Battlecruiser AD FAQ – Tim Howgego

Altered formatting and updated links. Much like the game, this FAQ will never be truly finished. The tutorial and walkthroughs should be complete.

I think the most commonly asked questions are answered, but inevitably a few grey areas remain. Skip to content On this page: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their battlecruieer.

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