Bank komercyjny w Polsce: Joanna Swiderska, Monika Klimontowicz, Tamara Galbarczyk: : Books. Rachunek efektywności w bankach komercyjnych działających w Polsce. Autorzy Skoncentrowano się na metodach wewnętrznego pomiaru efektywności funkcjonowania banku komercyjnego i G. Świderska: Rachunkowość zarządcza. Galbarczyk T., Świderska J., Bank komercyjny w Polsce. Wartość predykcyjna polskich modeli analizy dyskryminacyjnej, Badania operacyjne i decyzyjne nr.

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These recommendations should be viewed lomercyjny and foremost as food for thought; they stem from the current market situation and from the behaviour of competitors. Komeecyjny is worth emphasizing that in justified cases a division of studied entities into two groups was applied: The operating effectiveness of banking enterprises and the effectiveness of the Polish banking sector have been important areas of interest not only for bank managers, owners, investors or customers but also for supervisory authorities, including the NBP.

It increases the value of the publication for people related to polscs banking sector on the daily basis, the more so that financial institutions tend to be rather reluctant to share this kind of data. Nevertheless, they are a good tool to evaluate the risk of failure, provided that more than one model are used. The research project aimed at collecting data allowing to characterize the measurement of effectiveness conducted in banks, determine the objectives set, the scope of data supplied and methods applied of measuring results together with dimensions and areas of assessment as well as to show the frequency of calculations made and to sum up current modifications kometcyjny anticipated directions of change.


It is reflected in prudential regulations concerning the conduct of banking activities, recommendations concerning best practices, the procedure submitting every institution to individual assessment and the way of conducting research and publishing results of effectiveness measurement for the Wdierska banking sector. Finally, several recommendations are formulated aiming at guiding bank managers and decision makers towards choosing one way of organizing result measurement, enabling to run an institution more effectively.

The Central European Review of Economics and Management

By using our website you consent to our cookies. One should be aware though that while until now the possession of up-to-date, detailed and credible information about effectiveness, taking into account both the costs of risk and alternative costs, has been desirable, widersks the coming years it may become indispensable, particularly against the background of further rise in competition, i. Commercial bank financial management. Bank jako instytucja zaufania publicznego.

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Cost accounting in large banks. Discriminant models are universal, which means that they can be applied to any company, regardless of the industry they operate in. The problems discussed concern i.

Our website uses cookies banm improve user experience. Measurement of effectiveness in commercial banks operating in Poland. Further, the authors carried out their own examination of certain joint stock companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange WSE.


The article contains results of a study carried out among banks operating in Poland.

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Zadania i organizacja controllingu. The results of the analysis can be used as a basis for further studies on the accurate adjustment of discriminant models to companies, depending on the type of business. The analysis shows that not all discriminant models reflect changes in the financial condition of a company.

It allowed to show some important differences in approach and level of development of effectiveness measurement. The aim of the paper is to review Polish discriminant models and their application to predict bankruptcy on the examples of selected joint stock companies in the years — This article concentrates on internal systems of results’ measurement, needs and expectations of decision makers, as well as elements affecting bank management.

It complements the analyses presented so far on the subject of effectiveness. The paper was written on the basis of literature search within the scope discussed.