Avery does not seem to publish them, so you generally have to find the Here is template for which it says is compatible with – not sure if it’s. Avery Mailing Seals Mailing Seals, 1 Round, /PK, White AVE Avery offers many easy-to-use Avery Templates for Microsoft Word and other. : Avery Mailing Seals for Laser and Inkjet Printers, 1 inch Round, White, Pack of (): Shipping Labels: Office Products.

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In fact, I don’t recommend you run any label sheet through a color laser printer. Comparison pricing does not reflect any on-going promotion, discount or contract pricing.

The competitor pricing information we’ve provided is for reference only. Forums Tags More Cancel. Suggested Answer 1 month ago. I have to land right on the money and it’s just a little too fussy, making me wonder if I really have to reinvent the tempkate.

These are the same mailing labels you ordered in the past, but they are no longer made with perforated centers. For the best results, leave all your label printing 547 your office inkjet or black and white laser printer. Anyone have a template for Avery ? Avery does not seem to publish them, so you generally have to find the aery on one of Avery’s competitors. I’ve got the Word template. Threads in this forum. Join Our Mailing List! I’m going to try saving it as a PDF and see if that will work on import.

Thanks for your question! Back to Main Menu. This seems like a bit of an own-goal for Avery. That’s because color laser printers generate a lot more heat than inkjet and monochrome laser printers. As such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents.


Flyers, newsletters, brochures and more stay securely fastened in the mail with these mailing seals. I don’t recommend you run these labels through your color laser printer. If you work for a Federal Government agency, you may login or sign-up for a free GSA account to receive our contract price.

Green Products Shop for items that are made of recycled contents or are recyclable. We cannot offer GSA contract pricing to state government agencies, retired military personnel or to private government contractors. Type in Your Question: Are these labels archival safe?

Customer Reviews Write a Review. Unfortunately none of Avery’s competitors have the labels on the 4×6 sheets that Avery uses. Hardest thing is finding the precise details of the label. These labels are not archival safe because they are not made with acid-free paper. Not Answered over 3 years ago. Not Answered over 5 years ago. Enter e-mail address Join.

Anyone have a template for Avery 5247?

Your question has been received, and we will work to answer it quickly! Not Answered 27 days ago. The content herein is in the form of a personal web log “Blog” or forum posting. If you need immediate assistance, please use live-chat or call us!

Let us help you find the right item! Helpful Guides and Articles. We look forward to providing you great service in ! Comments Optional comments that are sent to your associate s. Customer Questions and Answers. Detailed layout information could and should be on its own web site. It doesn’t import into Corel in a useful manner. Use our Bulk Request Form. Either they need to make sure they publish templates for all products in all popular programs or they need to publish the detailed specifications so they can create their own.


Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the e-mails to get delivered to your recipient s. Avery no longer makes any label with perforated centers. Answered 2 months ago.

template for Avery Mailing seals | Community

Affix the seals to the edge of tempkate pages, and the permanent adhesive keeps mailings from unfolding while in transit. Office Depot and Staples are copyright trademarks of their respective owners. I can’t find one for CorelDraw and I’m pulling my hair out trying to finesse one of my own. I’ll get it eventually, but I don’t have all that much time to work on it and I’m very temlpate that Avery can’t provide the necessary information to allow their customers to use their products!

We averh to keep our data current but occasionally pricing may be out of date. Browsing History Back to Main Menu. We can tell you if it’s in stock and how long it’ll take to deliver. All that heat can melt the adhesive backing on the labels and cause nightmare paper jams, leave gunk behind in your machine, and generate low-quality prints.