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Piesently Meicedes Benz buses aie fitted with audio spotlighting speakeis so that individual tiavelleis can enoy the music of theie on inteiest.

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It can be wall, overhead or flush mounted. But when he turns the disc away, the sound fades almost to nothing. Ultiasonic sound is that sound which have veiy small wavelength in the millimetei iange.

Since the wavelength is smallei the beam eeport will be aiound 3 degiee, as a iesult the sound beam will be a naiiow one with a small dispeision. Use it outside your shop window, or under your billboard. Inherent non-linearity of the air works as a de-modulator. Unfortunately, most of the human-audible sound is a mixture of signals with varying wavelengths—between 2 cms to 17 meters the human hearing ranges from a frequency of 20 Hz to 20, Hz.

A laige loudspeakei will spotlighging the sound ovei a smallei aiea.

I reporh acknowledge with any such errors if pointed out. Human speech, as well as music, contains multiple varying frequency signals, which interfere to produce sound and distortion. Like all electionic systems, the audio spotlighting system woiks off DC voltage. Audio spotlight can be either directed se,inar a particular listener or to a point where it is reflected. It uses ultiasonic eneigy to cieate extiemely naiiow beams of sound that behave like beams of light.


When inaudible ultrasound pulses are fired into the air, it spontaneously converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible sound tones, hence proved that as with water, sound propagation in air is just as non-linear, and can be calculated mathematically.

Hi-fi speakers range from piezoelectric tweeters of various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers which generally rely on circuits at large enclosures to produce quality sound, whether it is dynamic, electrostatic or some other transducers- based design.

Audio Spotlighting Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Above all I express my thanks to Almighty for the blessings showered on me which leads to the spotlignting completion of this work. In home theatie system ieai speakeis can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the piopeities of sound can be impioved.

Nonlinear interaction of two collinear, spherically spreading sound beams. Download your Full Reports for Audio Spotlighting. Spotlightinf audible portions of sound tend to spread out in all directions from the point of origin.

The iesult is ‘sound with a potential puiity and fidelity which we attained nevei befoie’. In order to focus sound into a narrow beam, you need to maintain a low beam angle that is dictated by wavelength.


Hence, except for very low wavelengths, just about the entire audible spectrum tends to spread out at degrees. This gives rise to audible components that can be accurately predicted and precisely controlled.

Airborne ultrasounds of 28 kHz are envelope-modulated with audio signals. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, P. Theie is no lag in iepioducing the sound.

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Beam aleit signals can be diiectly piopagated fiom an announcement device in the dashboaid to the diivei. Joseph Pompei while a graduate student at MITwho is the master brain behind the development of this technology. In oidei to focus sound into a naiiow beam, you need to maintain a low beam angle that is dictated by spotlighfing.

The ultiasound column acts as a aiiboine speakei, and as the beam moves thiough the aii giadual distoition takes place in a piedictable way.

It uses a non-linear acoustics for its working. Can focus sound only at the place you want.

Even aftei tiaveling a distance of 1Om the beam coveis only an aiea of 3. Are you interested in this topic.