KOLBRIN CONNECTION. THE KOLBRIN BIBLE – A LINK TO THE PAST. ATLANTIS TO TESLA. The Science Of Atlantis and Tesla Are Rediscovered, Giving A. Get this from a library! Atlantis to Tesla, the Kolbrin connection: the science of Atlantis and Tesla are rediscovered, giving a unique untold view of life on the lost . Atlantis To Tesla – The Kolbrin Connection – posted in Main Forum:? why did the government tear it down?? why are we paying for polluting.

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Learn more about Coast Insider. He believes Tesla had access to the mysterious Kolbrin Bible while growing up, and this may have impacted his later ideas.

Altantis to Tesla the Kolbrin Connection by James M. McCanney

This bible, McCanney said, describes massive devastation to the Earth caused by passing comets. A phenomenon that may be heading our way again, he cautioned. Further, he suggested that the US Navy may know about ruins there, but is suppressing this information. The Atlanteans had achieved a connecton level of technology before their end, including a spacecraft that used a series of glass tubes as part of its propulsion system, McCanney outlined.

ATLANTIS TO TESLA The KOLBRIN CONNECTION – James M McCanney – illustrated pb | eBay

He also spoke about a huge statue of Poseidon in Atlantis that had an antenna on the top of it for collecting energy, not dissimilar to Tesla technology. Hoagland enterprisemission appeared in the first hour of Monday’s show discussing several topics. While the recent NASA test that demonstrated foam damage to the Shuttle was being called a “smoking gun” in the Columbia tragedy, Hoagland said “this is a little too neat for tfsla. Hoagland also spoke about his trip to Roswell over the July 4th weekend, where he noticed something unusual at the archaeological dig crash site that “no one’s noticed in 56 years,” though he couldn’t as of yet reveal what it was.


Tonight’s guest James McCanney touches on some of Tesla’s theories in his new book. The brilliant and idiosyncratic inventor has long been a subject of fascination.

Some even have espoused that Nikola Tesla was a kind of alien. For instance according to the Unariansa group that bases their teachings on channeled messages attributed thd various ETs and Atlantean beings, Tesla was the reincarnation of the great universal overseer Michiel, who first came to Earthyears ago and started the civilization of Yu.

Before “he aylantis to earth to as Nikola Tesla,” the Unarians say he had been Leonardo da Vinci in an earlier incarnation.

Theresa Walsh, in her interesting essay about the wizardry of Tesla, notes that his lifespan coincided with that of Edgar Cayce, whose readings detailed forgotten technologies of Atlantis.

Altantis to Tesla the Kolbrin Connection

She also notes that Col. Philip Corso mentioned in his book The Day After Roswellthat Tesla’s “death ray” technology was similar to a device found aboard the crashed disc at Roswell.


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