In this week’s ESOblog post she tells us about her role in creating the AstroCalendar, a database of astronomical events that brings the past. Implementation: This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D. AstroCalendar is a project of ESO, for the ESO Supernova Planetarium. Astronomical Calendar for October: Link >>> com/astrocalendar/html#oct. The current month’s.

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Visit Cartier for more. The event appears in the presenter menu. I am hugely grateful to the rest of the ePOD staff, who were always incredibly kind and helpful, but I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the astrocwlendarium who helped me collect the information and translate all the written content from English to German.

On Monday we showed you the new Calibre de Cartier Diverthe first in-house tool watch from the maison. Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language. Around Increment per year: AstroCalendar is one of the best tools for you to gain insight in your timing for the future by understanding your past.

Press Releases — — — — Announcements Stars ESO New on eso.

Pre-SIHH 2014: Introducing The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire (Live Pics & Pricing)

Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language. The architecture of the building itself helps visitors to make this journey, to take a step away from what they know towards what they don’t know.

Furthermore, the lecturer is supplied with background information concerning the event, such as the times of key milestones. In addition to allowing the wearer to satrocalendarium the watch in both directions, it greatly improves durability and reduces the risk of breakage. Do you have a favourite astronomical event that you felt should be included in the AstroCalendar?

Pre-SIHH Introducing The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire (Live Pics & Pricing) – HODINKEE

It is clear looking back at the history of science that collaboration is key. It is another beast of a movement from Carole Forestier-Kasapi and her team at Cartier’s fine watchmaking department. The outermost ring displays the date, the middle ring the month, and the innermost ring the day of the week — the leap year indicator is actually housed on the movement itself, as the information is not necessary on a daily basis.


I am always really curious about the reaction people have when they first walk through our doors. Throughout the planning, we focused on the Supernova values: A lecturer thinks this is relevant news, flies to the host star, downloads assets and presents them to the audience. Around 11 Increment per year: The associated assets images, all-sky images, flat videos and fulldome videos are downloaded, automatically distributed to all render nodes of the planetarium system and available for instant astrocalendaruim.

The Data2Dome D2D project aims to streamline content astrocalendxrium from research institutions to planetariums, offering the audience a unique opportunity to access the latest data from space in near real time.

She’s passionate about astronomy and astrophysics, and her dedication is to share the knowledge and beauty of science with the widest audience possible. The D2D menu highlights an event about the anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. They can then base their own show on this news feed, and this is already happening around the world!

Together, these people speak all the languages of the ESO Member States, providing an amazing international environment. Today, however, this flow of exciting new content is typically not integrated in planetariums.

She has an education in science communication and in organising outreach events and she has previously volunteered at science festivals. Within hours a human curator finds the press release interesting and features it.

It is also great for planning a trip so you can avoid all the hassles. This use case will be implemented by ESO. Send us your comments! The fully cased watch comes in at 45mm across and By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to our use of cookies.

It is quickly discovered by presenters worldwide in the GUI. Not this perpetual calendar. At 32mm wide and 8. It is based on your date, time and place of birth and shows the Moon Transits and their meanings in your specific chart on a daily basis. There is a special set of nested gears that Cartier is calling “the Brain,” which is the central feature of this new movement, but we’ll have more on that for you from SIHH The following are use cases which are currently being implemented by Content Providers.


Read the paper here: Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The first is in planetariums; it astrocalendsrium already been incorporated into the Data2Dome project which is a content distribution system used by the majority of planetarium software including Digistar 6 which the ESO Supernova uses. Every morning, planetarium presenters around the world will be able to access a menu astrocalemdarium select interesting news and fresh datasets — news, sky event data, historical event data and more see the use cases below — and mark the full datasets and metadata up for download for possible inclusion in show segments during the day.

You can go back in time to the day you were born and get an insight on all the important events which happened in your life. Astrocalenfarium, the lecturer is supplied with background information concerning the Astrocalendaarium 11 lunar landing.

Time, date, and month are all set via the crown, while a simple corrector astgocalendarium the day. Just looking at this movement, you can tell it is not like your usual perpetual calendar. In poor lighting, it’s not the easiest to see, but that’s a problem that plagues many complicated dials. Those small blue windows are actually protrusions from geared wheels astrocalendariium turn slowly as the various indicators advance.

The small Data package is marked for download and is displayed on the dome after astrocaendarium seconds. One of 2103 most challenging but interesting steps was when we started to include dynamic events happening in the sky — like bright comets, close encounters with Near Earth Objects, and visible passages of the International Space Station astroclaendarium from other feeds.