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Designation: D – 07Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)1 This. Buy ASTM D GUIDE FOR PAINTING INSPECTORS (METAL SUBSTRATES) from SAI Global. ASTM D – Designation: D – 00 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates.

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Roller covers are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, types of fabric, and? The angularity sharpness and density of the pro? The bottom of the original container should be inspected for the unmixed pigment. A number in parentheses astn the year of last reapproval. These include oil, grease, soil, weld splatter, and slag, which make it impossible to obtain proper adhesion to the metal surface 5.

During the inspection, also ensure that any oil or grease contamination that may have become deposited on the surface is completely removed. Condition of edges, weld splatter 2. There are two ways of making the measurements, nondestructively or destructively.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are d3267 within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Precautions should be taken that blasting equipment is operated properly 5.

ASTM D – 15e1 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)

Some materials may even require constant agitation during use. High-pressure water blasting is often used to remove these contaminants. Complete instructions for the procedure aetm given in Test Method D Miscellaneous scratches and breaks in the shop coat, including those occasioned by? Materials susceptible to damage at low temperatures should be stored to prevent freezing, such as in heated areas.

The air supply for conventional and hot spray application should be free of moisture or oil. Because the shop prime coat inspector may not be the 70 doing the? C3276 zinc-rich primers and moisture-cure urethanes require certain minimum humidity conditions for proper cure. Great care should be exercised to prevent trapping corrosive salts under or between coats.


It is also useful at this point to mix or pour repeatedly from one container to another boxing until the composition is uniform. D33276 Guide D for establishing procedures to certify inspectors for coatings work in nuclear facilities.

This scale is very brittle and can crack or loosen due to temperature changes both in fabricating and weathering in the? It is very important to record and retain test results. The sponge is wetted and moved across the entire surface.

In addition, crevices and small cracks should be thoroughly cleaned and spot-primed. Emulsions, cleaning compounds, steam cleaning, or similar methods and materials may also be used. The cross-cut test, Test Method Dis more reproducible.

ASTM D3276:15

If it is suspected that the temperature and humidity conditions are such that moisture is condensing upon asm surface, measure the relative humidity and dew point as described in Vapor degreasing does not remove particulate matter, so parts should be wiped to remove any insoluble soils.

A general recommendation is that the surface pro? Storage of Coating and Thinner.

The steel should remain under cover until the applied coating is dry or until weather conditions permit its exposure in the open. Low voltage holiday detectors are suitable on coatings up to ?

The requirements should be augmented with wet-? Record time application completed High voltage holiday testing is suitable for coating systems greater than ? Vapor degreasing has the advantages over solvent wiping in that hot solvents are used and the solvent condensation removes oils without recontamination. The coating should then be cross-rolled to? Product MSD sheets 3. The solvent is applied to the surface by wiping or scrubbing with rags or brushes. Test Methods D describe the procedure for using magnetic gages.


Painting over ice or frost will result in early adhesion failure of the coating. Runs, sags, or curtains should be brushed out.

Where emulsion cleaners, soaps, or detergents are used, they should be removed asym by washing with clean hot water. This results in an inability of the? Materials Safety Data Sheets MSDS for the solvents and cleaning asm provided by the manufacturer should also be consulted for proper worker protection. This also serves to remove abrasive from pockets and corners.

The inspector should prohibit the use of any brush not in an acceptable condition. Special attention should be placed on examining hard to reach areas, the back side of nuts and bolts, sides of members in close proximity to other members or walls, and undersides of members. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.

ASTM D – 07 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)

Too high a storage temperature reduces the shelf life of the coating. The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you will be alerted by aatm. Methods for measuring surface pro?