Asaro Head | Planes of the Head Asaro Head | Flickr – Photo Sharing! John Asaro’s Planes of the Head high-res photos – Polycount Forum Face Reference. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Master Studies Workbook. Uploaded by. Vinicius Rossi. Reilly Method. Uploaded by. Jose Benito. Sculpting the plane head brings the plane analysis into the realm of reality. This one is by painter and teacher John Asaro, who has a website.

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It has been invaluable. How many paintings did Vermeer make a year? They have a camera tripod thread at the base for mounting. After Arno, something started to happen to my drawings. Log in User Name.

Now, call me a sceptic, but it appears to me that what Loomis is doing here is drawing heads in perspective, which as a professional illustrator with years of experience he was quite capable of doing, and then superimposing the merest suggestion of his planes over the drawings.

For one, the paintings are just more interesting, two, it is so much more enjoyable knowing what you are seeing and why you are transferring it allows you to make other subtle decisions on how to convey the visual idea to the viewer and three you can set up imaginative compositions and actually move beyond trying to impress the viewer with the degree of realism and get back to art that moves the viewer emotionally. And Germans got it from Aearo of Italian Renaissance.


This one fell into my lap and I’ve been smiling ever since Please keep me updated on the Bino size technique Linda. As you know i have been working with Loomis myself for the past few months and at this point have a whole bunch of heads done…Have not ventured into the planes yet…Was just wondering what kind of paper you use for doing these heads…I have been debating a move from newsprint to better paper in doing the loomis head studies…any ideas?

September 16th, I mean if it is a matter of distance it is a matter of atmospheric perspective right?

All times are GMT I was really alarmed by the plaster cast — I look so Cro Magnon — and put the thing in a bag and whumped it against the driveway.

Your blog is great Paul and thanks so much for sharing your findings. There are some rounded forms too. Paul, Thanks for your thoughts and the references to those sites, which I did not know and will begin to explore. Thank you for an interesting post. A large proportion of the smaller galleries, it seems to me, are selling work to clients who want something to match their sofa.

I see Caucasian artists drawing Asian subjects who keep insisting on putting in a chiselled nose bridge, or putting angled cheekbones on little children. Log in Forgot Your Password? Are you studying with Jeffery Watts? I currently own a plastic one and have this one more of a display piece. It might be a good idea to try ;lanes few little ones first though.

Now check your email.


Join over other artists and get free updates. Firstly, I made a few small maquettes with Plasticine, a few inches high. Draw eyes — sculpt them first, draw nose — sculpt it first, etc. Planes are made of points connected or lines.

25 best asaro head images on Pinterest | Anatomy drawing, Face anatomy and Drawing faces

To my mind, no one is looking at that question, which addresses the place of art and artist in society. An extreme example might be painting over prints of photos, which some painters do.

April 12th, 9. I can lay asado on the floor or put it up on a shelf and draw it from almost any angle. I take it that it shows you the structure underneath, in the same way plqnes the study of anatomy does? Artists in the Renaissance, as everyone knows, were drilled in drawing, beginning with copying engravings or drawings of the eye in different positions as Bargue follows, more than years later!

Hard to describe, but tangible. Wonderful idea to make the model.

Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

It must be a very good way of ensuring that the large forms are laid in correctly first, and keeping from getting tied up detail planfs early in a drawing.

This is a great advice James. I’m a mostly self-taught artist.