Air Defense Artillery. battalion commander’s guide to staff functional duties in combat preparation. It can also be used to give expressed by commanders, XOs, and S3s, for example, is that the Fire Support. Officer or the S2. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar . Field Artillery and Air Defense Battalions. o Ensure your XO is holding weekly maintenance meetings with key maintenance personnel and company XOs. STANAG , Edition 1, Chapter 13, Artillery Procedures, and QSTAG , Edition 2, Bombing,. Shelling . with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery dissemination of this information to subordinate XOs, platoon.

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This coordination can be difficult, and may overwhelm some chaplains. If possible, have a barracks room set aside for this.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook. :: US Army Artillery School Collection

Use your civilians as the experts they are in their respective fields. Prevention of loss is the name of the game. Most new commanders of other type battalions have been exposed to the concept either at Pre-Command Course or through this handbook. Preventing Fraternization and Soldier Abuse. Periodic services should be scheduled reflected on company training schedules and conducted by platoon.


A picture is handbook a thousand words.

The chaplain should eat in the dining facility a couple of times a week. The First qrtillery Days. This dual-hat, two-boss relationship presents some atypical aspects of command, with corresponding challenges for the hanndbook support battalion commander. This is the only way the soldiers will have a voice in what is going on. This document should include points of contact and phone numbers. Make time to attend. Try to schedule some overlap with the outgoing commander.

These are important additional duties.

As a maneuver commander, you must be prepared to respond to these evolving contingencies with highly-trained, combat-ready forces. Again, use the event as an opportunity to mentor and train your subordinates.


You have reached a pinnacle not attained by the zos of your year group. Address a specific point or issue. Make sure your attached units can execute troop leading procedures.

Train for future battalion command. The most logical and widely used artilkery is the battalion XO. Lieutenant Colonel PField Artillery. Armor Battalions and Mechanized Battalions Spend the majority of your time in these areas. Sensitive items checks should be a part of your routine.


Battery Executive Officers Handbook.

Need to learn this very early on. Empty it every day or you will be part of your battalion administration problem. Develop a safety program, and make it your personal program.

Apply your judgment and make the right decision, then follow up with the required paperwork to implement changes. Make training realistic, safe and METL-based.

The walk phase is a slightly faster progression, focusing on decision points, cues, signals, etc. The same considerations should be made when coordinating civilian training with the Civilian Personnel Office. Use your time wisely to learn as much as you can about the base operations business. Help them set priorities as to “must do’s”, “need to’s”, “like to’s” and “if I have time to’s.