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provide extensive information about AR ( ). AR Career Management [United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 31 December Civilian Personnel Career Management *Army Regulation – Effective 31 .

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Code of Federal Regulation. All waiver requests will be endorsed by a commander or senior leader of the requesting activity and forwarded through t h e i r h i g h e r h e a d q u a r t e r s t o t h e p o l i c y proponent. Department of the Army.

Further career development will emphasize 690-50 training opportunities, management skills, additional language skills or specialized training to prepare the employee for additional assignments. Chapter 7 Training 7—1. The nature of the duties performed by MICECP members requires individuals who possess distinct personal attributes, interpersonal skills, and talents. Full performance level journeyman GG— Chapter 2 Responsibilities 2—1.

It supplements the policies and requirements contained in AR —, AR —13, and other applicable Army regulations on Civilian Personnel Management. Grievance procedures for appraisals. Employees will report and authenticate the successful completion of all Reserve or National Guard training.

This requires a high degree of awareness between the 69-950 and employee supervisors regarding the individual and shared responsibilities in the performance management and career development of employees.

The ag is to produce an intelligence professional capable of working effectively within their trained career specialty while meeting the requirements of the supported units.

In accordance with AR —13, paragraph 4—6, applicants failing or refusing to meet applicable conditions of employment may not be appointed. Such training may be provided, as necessary, by governmental or non-governmental training facilities.

The CPM will develop, maintain and schedule long-range training plans for each employee based on career discipline and grade. Army Reserve, unless otherwise stated.


Conditions of employment a.

Army and the intelligence community. These individuals are recruited for other specialized skills, which are required for specified MICECP missions such as educational background, linguistic abilities, specialized training or applicable work experience.

AR Career Management :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

AR — S U. This is subject to the same limitations on maximum rates of pay 690–950 for DOD employees by law 690-90 regulation. Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in 60-950 glossary. An ability to get along with all types of people, and inspire confidence.

I t describes the Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program as an Army Program for civilian personnel in sensitive defense intelligence positions, engaged in intelligence and counterintelligence invest i g a 69-950 i o n s a n d a c t i v i t i e so f f e n s i v e c o u n t e r i n t e l l i g e n c e o p e r a t i o n sa n d o t h e r t h o r i t yi n w r i t i n gt o a d i v i s i o n c h i e f within the proponent agency or its direct reporting unit or field operating agency, in the grade of colonel or the civilian equivalent.

Personal honesty and integrity of the highest order and an extremely high sense of duty. Personal attributes The nature of the duties performed by MICECP members requires individuals who possess distinct personal attributes, interpersonal skills, and talents.

Applicants integrated into the 690-50 at these grades will have already received arr intelligence training in one or more disciplines managed by the MICECP or will have demonstrated a capability to perform specialized tasks in support of these various disciplines. AR —47 S U. Individuals applying for GG—14 and GG—15 positions under a specific job announcement will follow the application procedures described in the job announcement. The purpose of 960-950 checklist is to assist Headquarters, Department of the Army and its field operating agencies in evaluating the key management controls outlined below.

Section I Required Publications. Integration into the MICECP at this level will be at for employees with documented long-term successful field experience in specialized intelligence disciplines or have extremely sensitive skills or capabilities determined to be as critical to DOD and the MICECP. Assignment inventory files a.


AR Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program

Defense Language Proficiency Test. These long-term plans will be developed in coordination with the employee and the requirements of the supported commander and staff elements.

No special abbreviations and terms are associated with af publication. Chapter 3 Employment and Placement 3—1. For Army personnel, this training is conducted at the U. The Commanding General, U. Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Ad. Management Control Evaluation Certification Statement.

Candidates for MICECP positions can be drawn from other civil service professional job series and be fully integrated into the MICECP to meet and maintain operational requirements designed to identify and counter the threat and vulnerabilities posed by new emerging technologies or activities.


Prerequisites, screening and assessment, selection and integration. Department of the Army Regulation. Training emphasis is placed upon continuous skill development to meet the operational needs of Army Military Intelligence as identified by the CPM and the supported commanders and staff elements. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Required and related publications and prescribed 6900-950 referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Personnel Relations and Services General.

Training opportunities provided to journeyman level employees will also focus on those employees who have demonstrated high potential for senior management appointments.

Users are with controlling law and regulations.