Washington. Supplementation. page 3 *This regulation supersedes AR – customs. and Visits of Courtesy Guard of the United States. but does not identify. For more information on Customs, Courtesies and Traditions see Army Regulation , Army Command Policy, paragraph ; AR , Salutes, Honors. Study 33 AR Customs and Courtesies flashcards from Cherie K. on StudyBlue.

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Drums also served various military purposes in the eighteenth century, such as the regulation of firing in battle by the drummer’s beat. The flag of the United States is the symbol of our nation. Military history has demonstrated that units with high esprit, a sense of tradition and pride in past achievements, perform well in combat.

The breach of some Army customs merely brands the offender as ignorant, careless, or ill bred.

FM Chapter 4, Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions

Some other simple but visible signs of respect and self-discipline are as follows: When used singularly, the term “Color” implies the National Color. The Campaigns of the United States Army That sound means soldiers are ready and willing to accomplish the mission at hand. Soldiers demonstrate courtesy in the way we address officers or NCOs of superior rank.

The Army, despite vigorous cpurtesies in the s and s, carried on the lineage and honors in units that exist still today.

Customs and Courtesies, AR Flashcards by Al Townsend | Brainscape

Saluting is obviously inappropriate. Rising from the breastplate to the left facing the viewer is a pike, or esponton, flanked by an unidentified organizational color. Remember first that with higher rank comes greater responsibility. From its colors to its heraldic devices, the Army flag is rich in symbolism that speaks of our nation’s and the Army’s custojs and heritage.


If you are armed, however, do not remove your headgear. Hold the salute until the colors are six paces beyond you. If you are in a car or on a motorcycle, dismount and salute. The Pledge of Allegiance is not recited in military formations or in military ceremonies.

Vehicles in motion should stop. When the flag is being raised in the morning, you should stand at attention on the first note of “Reveille” and salute.

Bythe courtesie was modified to touching the hat, and since then it has become the hand salute used today. Until no flag represented the Army as a whole. The streamers attached to the Army flag staff denote campaigns fought by the Army throughout our Nation’s history.

A salute indoors is rendered only when reporting. You are expected to pay back every dollar When the flag of the United States is displayed with state flags, all of the state flags will be of comparable size. Army traditions are the things that everyone in the Army does, everywhere.

They are not outright gifts. The concept of campaign streamers came to prominence in the Civil War when Army organizations embroidered the names of battles on their organizational colors.

Never go “over the heads” of superiors-don’t jump the chain of command. PV2 Robbs entered the room and immediately assumed the position of parade rest but before he could report, SGT Putnam said, “You don’t have to do that. Never criticize the Army or a leader in public. This flag was designed to meet the need for one banner to represent the entire Army.

A salute is also rendered: Blue is especially significant since it has been the unofficial color of the Army for more than two hundred years. Speak with your own voice. For example, we train soldiers to say sir or ma’am when talking to a higher ranking officer. Military courtesy means good manners and politeness in dealing with other people.


The Army flag reflects our history and touches the lives of generations of Americans.

All soldiers in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize persons entitled by grade to a salute except when it is inappropriate or impractical in public conveyances such as planes and buses, in public places such as inside theaters, or when driving a vehicle.

A cystoms addressing a higher ranking officer uses the word sir or ma’am in the same manner as a polite civilian speaking with a person to whom he wishes coirtesies show respect. But the Army still retains bugles and the music with which they communicate to soldiers is another reminder of our heritage.

The customs of the 600-225 are its common law. Some of the Army’s more common courtesies include rendering the hand salute, standing at attention or parade rest, or even addressing others by their rank. Simple courtesy is an important indicator of a person’s bearing, discipline, and manners.

Customs and Courtesies, AR 600-25 Flashcards Preview

Some have been handed down from the distant past while others are of comparatively recent origin. Some historians believe the hand salute began in late Roman times when assassinations were common.

The distinction between civilian and military courtesy is that military courtesy was developed in a military atmosphere and has become an integral part of serving in uniform. When dropping the salute, bring your hand directly down to its natural position custms your side, without slapping your leg or moving your hand out to the side. The most important thing to remember in any discussion about the “privileges of rank” is that with them come profound responsibilities.