Every Patient is unique, many are challenging. It’s Good to be prepared for any clinical situation. APLIO ‘s powerful new system platform delivers outstanding . Toshiba’s Aplio is scalable and versatile ultrasound system for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic, and superficial ultrasound. Toshiba is launching two ultrasound systems in the United States, the Aplio and The Aplio is a pretty standard ultrasound.

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You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional Can someone help me. Series allows system standardization for faster, safer and more affordable care. On the Aplio Platinum, shear wave elastography is a new tool to noninvasively measure tissue stiffness of the liver and potentially reduce expensive biopsies, while Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging SMI can capture low-velocity blood flow without the need for contrast agents or more invasive modalities.

User-selectable text and pictograms User-defined, application-specific annotations.

Toshiba Brings Depth, Detail to New Ultrasound System

Unlike previous versions of the Aplio 80, MX XGthese systems are not a continuing evolution of previous platforms, but a brand new design. Volume Imaging Suite captures volume data sets at high-volume rates for shorter exam times and features a comprehensive set of imaging modes Surface rendering, Multiview and MPR.


Digital Radiography Technology Report: Diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and the patient experience. News Cardiovascular Ultrasound November 19, Pediatrics Renal Veterinary Imaging.

The system features industry-first imaging and visualization capabilities and delivers exceptional image quality to sophisticated ergonomics that elevate efficiency to the highest levels. News Ultrasound Women’s Health December 20, Seno Medical Instruments Inc. The below may not reflect the features and options available on units in our inventory. The Aplio’s widest range of advanced imaging and quantification tools gives users valuable additional information that can help avoid supplementary exams to get a diagnostic answer.

Ultrasound System to Quote. News Ultrasound 300 Health December 20, Aplio Platinum Imaging Technologies Diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and the patient experience.

Request a Purchase Price. Sonoscape X3 Sonoscape X5. News Cardiovascular Ultrasound December 07, Contact toll 30 local fax. News Cardiovascular Ultrasound November 19, This includes Beam, a new technique that improves needle visualization during ultrasound-guided procedures. My Bench Order History Sign out. Toshiba takes ultrasound and makes it personal by letting you customize everything from keyboard entries to image enhancements.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Transducer design Lightweight transducers designed to minimize stress and increase efficiency with comfortable ergonomics and super-flexible cables.

News Ultrasound Imaging December 20, News Ultrasound Imaging November 20, Technology Ultrasound Women’s Health December 03, Monochrome SMI of a suspicious mass located in the right infra-auricular region. GE Healthcare recently announced new applications and smart devices built on Edison — a platform that helps accelerate Technology Ultrasound Women’s Health December 03, News Ultrasound Imaging November 21, Civco Medical Solutions will present Envision, the next generation of ultrasound probe covers and scan pads, at the Seno Medical Instruments Inc.


This site uses cookies. Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Aplio overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound with Toshiba’s revolutionary High-Density Beamformer Architecture.

Toshiba Aplio Ultrasound. Greg Freiherr Events About. Videos Ultrasound Imaging November 28, Velocity measurements, pressure half time, auto and manual trace M-Mode: The system offers superior image quality with outstanding depth and detail along with enhanced ergonomics and automated features that elevate efficiency to an entirely new level. Can someone help me please.

Canon/Toshiba Aplio Platinum – Universal Imaging

I already tried to clean buses, filters, etc. Greg Freiherr Events About. Clarius Mobile Health will announce a new collective intelligence ultrasound platform at this year’s Radiological Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Smart Fusion Apio Minimizing complications and radiation dose during interventional procedures.